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7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs in 2020

kitchen cabinet designs

Remodeling your kitchen is not just about redesigning or updating your fixtures. It's also an opportunity to completely reinvent the look, feel, and function of the kitchen. 

Depending on how much change you want to make, it's possible to rebuild everything from the ground up or make a few minor alterations that will hone your perfect kitchen experience.

One of the best ways to improve your kitchen is to focus on the cabinets. When considering ways to improve your kitchen cabinets for both aesthetics and usefulness, it helps to look at the trends.

Let's explore the latest trends in kitchen cabinet designs and how each might be adapted to your remodeling project.


1) Sustainably Green Cabinetry

No matter what you find pleasing in a kitchen, everyone can follow the latest big trend in kitchen design: Sustainable cabinets. Green cabinetry reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the environment in many ways.

Fast-growing wood like bamboo and lyptus help to reduce clear-cutting. Reclaimed and recycled wood put previously harvested wood to use in new, beautiful ways. Locally grown wood reduces the carbon-footprint of travel. Non-toxic cabinetry reduces the chemicals used in the curing process.


2) Paint Dark with a Green Palette

Current cabinet design trends point toward bold-yet-cool colors in darker shades. Black cabinets and similarly dark hues are stylish once more and green in every shade is very chic.

Softer colors that are popular include mint and green-tinted grays. Jewel-tones like soft emerald and or amethyst are also in vogue this year.


3) Frosted Glass Cabinets

Open cabinets are becoming more popular, turning your dishes into artwork on display. But if you'd rather keep with the enclosed design, then frosted glass is a similarly popular trend.

Frosted glass shows the outline of your dishware while also providing the no-fall security of a closed cabinet. Frosted glass also looks fantastic when paired with recent kitchen LED lighting trends.


4) Invisible Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is getting exotic. Many homeowners are trying out interesting and artistic cabinet and drawer handles in the kitchen, but trends are going the other direction as well.

You might try a new cabinet design with hidden hardware or no hardware at all, just a well-designed finger lip along the edge.


5 )Entertainer Island

Entertainer kitchens and open living-space designs have been popular for the last decade (and beyond), and the island is a big part of that.

If you have an open kitchen space, adding an entertainer island featuring a center-stove is a great way to turn any meal into a shared family experience. Entertainer islands can feature a cooking range or any number of other built-in appliances or features.


6) Handicap-Versatile Cabinetry

Handicap-accessible designs are becoming increasingly stylish as both homes and businesses become more versatile by default.

Cabinetry that is welcoming to a handicap chef or guest is both stylish in 2020 and a great addition to your home value in the long-term. Design your cabinets to offer roll-up workstations and pull-out cutting boards. 


7) Stylishly Hidden Features

The last trend we're exploring is the delight of hidden features. Modern kitchen design methods make it easier to disguise certain elements of your kitchen.

You can use sheathing to hide your stove hood as a stylish part of the cabinetry, for example. Or you can hide built-in pantry organization behind folding doors.

You can hide a mixer on an extending arm in the cabinet (no more lifting the heavy mixer) or even hide a fold-out step-stool in an otherwise unused vertical space.

And old-but-great trend is to redesign your corner-cabinet as a spinning lazy-susan design to make use of that otherwise unused corner space.


Designing new cabinetry or just new cabinet doors for your kitchen can completely transform your at-home experience. Contact us today for more insights no kitchen remodel design and how to get started.


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