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7 Ways to Find Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling your kitchen is a project with amazing potential. Sporting just a little new paint and a few new pieces of hardware, you can completely transform the visual appeal of your kitchen. 

Or you can rip out the cabinets and literally transform your kitchen. You might redesign your cabinetry with new cabinet doors or build in the perfect storage innovations.

But where do you get your best ideas for kitchen remodeling? It's different for each person.

Let's explore the richest veins of kitchen ideas that you can use for your home or to inspire a more unique design.


Pinterest and Instagram Shares

Never underestimate the internet when it comes to great pictures and inspiration. Check out what the millions of other homeowners and renovators have tried in other kitchens across the globe on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Any keywords you try from "blue kitchen ideas" to "smart-home kitchen ideas" will have thousands of hits. Feel free to dive into the available designs and concepts, with infinite options to choose from.


Stream Home-Remodeling Television

Many people get their inspiration from video media. More specifically, from watching the Home & Garden Channel, TLC, and other fun home-focused programs.

Watching home renovation shows is both fascinating and a great source of ideas for your own projects. Check out how the teams save time, recycle materials, and work with the architecture of each home for the best possible results.


Digitally Re-Map Your Kitchen

Your own kitchen is also a great place for ideas on remodeling that very room. Get the measurements, not just from counter-to-counter, but also wall-to-wall.

Map your kitchen in a digital planning program and place the counters where they are right now. Then start to play. See what your kitchen could look like with the counters in another place, moving the sink, or with an island instead.


Browse the Builder Blogosphere

If blogs weighed anything, there would be metric tons of home improvement and kitchen remodeling blogs available.

Companies that do the remodeling, those that sell home fixtures and cabinets, interior design services, painters, and even companies that just sell small hardware like nails and shelf brackets produce some amazing articles (with pictures) on ideas for home renovations.

Lose yourself in the blogosphere targeted at homeowners planning exactly what you're planning: the best kitchen remodel for your kitchen.


Walk Through a Hardware Store

You can also take an in-person tour through some of the options that you'd like to see in person. Take yourself to the hardware store or the home improvement warehouse and head to the bath & kitchen section.

The best demos are the display sets that are real-life slices of a kitchen or bathroom. These show you how cabinets, paint, hardware, and fixtures all work together to make a beautiful space. It gives you an idea of what those features might be like in your own kitchen.


Peruse Kitchen Design Products Online

Some people get ideas from looking at many options side-by-side. If so, start shopping for fixtures. Check out light fixtures or faucet-and-handle sets that might spark your imagination to create an entire design based on a favorite item.

Once, we would have said to flip through catalogs, but times have changed. Instead, flip through your infinite e-commerce options for home renovation products.


Play a Home Building Game

Finally, you can also get ideas from playing video games. That's right, many a homeowner today has been inspired by watching their child play games like The Sims.

There are games dedicated entirely to building and decorating a virtual home. This kind of visualization technology is fantastic for both getting ideas and seeing how your ideas will look in action.


Designing the perfect kitchen renovation for your home is easier than it sounds. With the right inspiration and experts to make it happen, your kitchen will soon be transformed and a delight to the whole family.

Contact us today to consult on your kitchen renovation designs or tips on how to design the best kitchen.


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