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Building the Perfect Station: Built-In Coffee & Cup Warming System

Today's renovating homeowners are always looking for the latest in home technology. Automatic blinds, heated floors, and even smart mirrors are elegantly sweeping into luxury design. Every few years, we come across something new and absolutely perfect.

Our latest find is the built-in coffee system. For years, we've been fans of building your own coffee station with custom cabinetry and your favorite home espresso or latte machine tucked into a made-to-fit cubby. But automation has stepped up the game. The built-in coffee system is the new culmination of your home coffee station, with everything you need for the perfect start to a perfect day.


What Is a Built-In Coffee System?

Imagine the perfect cup of coffee without the bulk and counter space occupation of a coffee machine. Like an ice maker, but built into your cabinet of coffee beans and favorite mugs. Like a coffee pot, but with ten or more different coffee recipes at the touch of a button. Imagine a drawer of warm cups waiting for fresh coffee, or cocoa and tea if you're feeling creative.


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A built-in coffee system makes this easily possible. Modeled after luxury hotel and restaurant technology, the built-in coffee system masks the mechanisms to create a sleek dispenser and shelf design. The coffee system itself builds vertically into any cabinet you care to design, and can warm a wide drawer of cups and mugs below.


Designing a Station for Your Built-In Coffee System

Of course, your coffee machine can't do everything. The rest is up to your cabinetry. A custom coffee station can become the perfect hub of morning activity and a source of warm winter drinks. 

The Perfect Coffee System Cabinet

Build your coffee system a hutch in the center, placing the shelf and dispenser at a comfortable height for your personal and familial use, or level with the countertop  at standard height. Then build your shelves and cabinets above, below, and in the surrounding space. Leave a few inches below to create a warming drawer for mugs under the coffee maker to have perfectly heated ceramic for each warm beverage.

Cabinetry for Coffee Ingredients

Above and in nearby upper cabinetry, place glass-fronted cabinets for bags of coffee beans and canisters of sugar. Recessed upon the countertop, you can even build cubbies and spice racks for your favorite coffee and tea ingredients used each day. In drawers at your hip, keep spoons, tea balls, and other useful beverage utensils and tools.


Make it a Break Room with a Bar Sink and Kitchenette

In some homes (or offices) you may want to expand your coffee system into a mini break room or kitchenette. To do this, consider the simple addition of a mini-fridge or a small bar sink.

A bar sink with extra counter-and-cabinet space can turn one end of your home office or upstairs landing into a relaxing little coffee lounge. With a sink, you can easily rinse coffee cups and keep the coffee system full. Installing a mini-fridge below allows you to store milk and flavored creamer for the coffee - and perhaps a few lunch salads for healthy breaks.

Give yourself a little break room or build your coffee stop into a full kitchenette with just a few expansions to the custom cabinetry.


Building a Coffee System Station with Edesia

Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath, we are always excited to see new technology entering the space of home improvement. Especially something as elegant and fun to design around as the coffee system with its cup warming drawer. Let us help you imagine and then build the perfect coffee station for your new coffee system. Transform your kitchen, home office, lobby, or even a bedroom suite into a coffee lounge with this incredibly sleek and charming design and a little custom cabinetry.

Contact us to explore your vision of a coffee system station with our designer-builders.


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