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The Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen: Where to Spend and How to Save

Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen

No one wants an ugly kitchen, and you might be mystified by the cost of a kitchen renovation project. 

However, there is no standard rule or calculator that gives exact approximate costs that you will incur during remodeling. This is because each remodel is unique in its own rights and has special features, quirks, and fixes.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we decided to come up with a complete breakdown of a kitchen renovation project and tips to help you save on cost and get you started.

The breakdown will let you have a clearer vision of the kitchen you want while still staying focused on budgetary issues.


How Do I Budget my Kitchen Renovation?

Your budget is the most crucial aspect of your remodeling project, and it plays a huge role in determining the final redesign of your kitchen.

For an average medium-sized kitchen, a reasonable budget should be around $30,000 on the lower end and approximately $60,000 on the higher end.

Your project will be dependent on some factors, such as where you live, the value of your home, product selection, and the project's scope.

You may also want to ask yourself whether you will be replacing the appliances too, which will be a bit costlier.


Here is a budget breakdown that is likely to work perfectly for any remodeling project:

  • Cabinets- 29%
  • Appliances- 17%
  • Installation- 13%
  • Countertop- 11%
  • Lighting and electrical- 10%
  • Plumbing- 6%
  • Flooring- 5%
  • Backsplash- 5%
  • Miscellaneous- 4%

The general rule of thumb when planning is to schedule for unexpected costs and set them to about 10-15% of your total budget.


What Does a Typical Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The national average of a kitchen remodel is about $30,000, but these numbers do not tell the whole story.

As stated earlier, the values could be more or lesser, depending on the scope of your project.


Is Remodeling my Kitchen a Good Investment?

Absolutely! For potential buyers, the kitchen could be the room that makes the difference between a sale or a break. If your kitchen looks updated, organized, and attractive, it will be irresistible for a buyer to leave it.

According to popular media and industry publications that analyze the cost of remodeling a kitchen, a homeowner can expect a promising return on investment.

The value report found that, on average, if the cost of remodeling a kitchen is around $57000, the owner can expect to recoup about $38500 of that amount once they sell their home.

Unless your goal is to immediately sell your house after a remodel, you should be more inclined to create a kitchen that you love.

You should prioritize adding some personal style and aesthetics. Remember, this is the place where your family often meets and nurtures together.


How Can You Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodels prices have hiked up over the years. Not only have kitchen models gotten bigger, but they have also increased their fanciness with luxurious features.


While including some unique features might be costly, here are some of the ways that you can trim some costs:

  • Shop Smart- Start shopping and quoting prices early. This will help you budget and buy more time to bargain on cost. Besides, you will research different products and get one that fits your most innate desires at a reasonable price.
  • Keep Your Current Layout- If you are on a tight budget, it is advisable to get a design that retains your original kitchen's footprint or slightly modifies it. Anything that involves plumbing, gas, and electrical will increase the cost.
  • Hit the Internet- One of the best ways to maintain a good budget is by learning before remodeling. You could read about tips to consider when remodeling a kitchen, how to choose kitchen sinks, and essential tips to design a charming kitchen. These tips will prove helpful to help you have the exact model you have in mind being displayed in your kitchen.


With more than 24 years of experience in remodeling, Edesia offers nothing but the best-unsolicited advice and high-end kitchen remodels.

For more information about remodeling your kitchen, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than willing to assist.

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