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Effect of Color on Your Kitchen: Here's What You Need to Know

Effect of Color on Your Kitchen

Imagine for a moment if black and white were the only colors that the heavens bequeathed us. Wouldn't the world be outright boring and dull? 

Now, picture a kitchen space with nothing but endless shades of black or white. Even more boring, right? The effect of color on your kitchen cannot be underestimated. 

Not only does color contribute to the overall design of the "heart of your home", but it also affects your mood and emotions. There's more. Recent research suggests that certain colors do affect appetite. No wonder you can't take more than three bites in that dull kitchen of yours!

While it's true that choosing the perfect color for your kitchen is important, it's not necessarily a cakewalk. That's exactly why we put together this blog—to make it easy for you to decide your kitchen palette. So let's get on with it!


Mood-Infusing Kitchen Colors

Red, orange, yellow, lime green, white, and steel gray are all lively, vibrant colors. Of course, some are brighter than others, but that doesn't take away the fact that these colors can add an inviting, appetizing, welcoming vibe to your kitchen.

After all, the kitchen is the center point of a home; it's where we congregate for late-night banters, entertainment, and trips down memory lane. Applying yellow, red, or any related shade to your kitchen can go a long way in adding to the mood.


Here are the exact feelings such colors tend to inspire:

  • Red

Red raises the energy level in a room, evoking feelings of excitement or passion. Since this color is also associated with anger, too much of it can scare visitors away, literally. If red is your palette of choice when remodeling your kitchen, consider blending it with a more subtle shade (white comes to mind).

  • Yellow

Yellow is as vibrant as it is sunny and will provide a cheerful wake-up call for starting your day. So, it makes perfect sense to have it in your kitchen.

  • Lime green

Green embodies freshness and health, but lime green fairs a little better when it comes to the kitchen. Its vibrant, bright undertone means that your kitchen will always be bursting with energy.

  • Orange

Orange bursts with brightness and vitality, making it ideal for the focal point of your home—the kitchen. If, however, you find it too "shouting", you can always opt for a softer shade of orange, such as peach.

  • White or steel gray

Many homeowners paint their kitchens white or steel gray, which isn't surprising given that they are the classiest, most serene colors out there. A combination of the two works wonders for your kitchen, as white will make the space feel open and airy, while grey provides the depth needed to keep the kitchen from feeling too cold and sterile.


Color Affects Our Sense of Depth and Space in the Kitchen

Ever wondered why dark-painted kitchens appear small while light or bright-colored kitchens appear spacious and airy? It's because colors can influence the way our brain perceives space, and the kitchen is no exception.

It's also worth noting that having contrasting colors will also make the kitchen look smaller. So, if possible, choose your wall color to match the color for your cabinetry, floor, and countertop. Your space will look even larger if everything is in a harmonious, lighter shade. 


Color Affect Our Appetites, Too

Like we pointed out earlier, the color in your kitchen does have an impact on how much you eat. Because red, yellow, and orange are all bright, passionate hues, they can make you feel hungry even when you're somewhat full. 

The science behind it is rather simple. Staring at these colors while eating boosts your brain's serotonin production, which increases mental activity, and consequently stirs up a sensation of hunger. Why else would restaurants fancy red table cloths, orange-dominated logos, and yellow-stacked menus? 


Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Color: Things to Keep in Mind

  • Choose colors you love: Your kitchen should make you happy every time you walk into it. Consider mood-infusing colors, evaluate the effect of certain colors on your space, but ultimately, make a choice that will make you happy.
  • Consider the big picture: Your kitchen is much more than just paint colors. If you aren't planning to repaint or replace cabinets, flooring, or countertops, take the existing colors into consideration.
  • Keep things neutral: Neutral shades will always stand the test of time. So, in as much as you love vibrant colors, consider using softer shades of the same. If, however, you're sold on having a lively kitchen look, introduce bolder splashes of color to things that you can easily change: rugs, curtains, backsplashes, etc.


Wrapping Up

It's crystal clear that color has a tremendous impact on your kitchen, from the aesthetics to the sense of space to the mood. So, the next time you're considering a kitchen renovation, choose a color palette that brings out your personality, helps you enjoy your food, and makes you feel truly at home. 

At Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio, we have the expertise to redesign your kitchen and give it a fresh splash of your dream color. Contact us today to learn how we can help you spruce up your kitchen!

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