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Evaluating Rain Shower Head Pros And Cons

 rain shower head

When it comes to remodeling our bathrooms, many of us aim to create them into our own personal little spas. Adding other features like double sinks, integrated vanity lighting, and open shower concepts give our sanctuary a more open and relaxing space. Rain shower heads add a luxurious element to our bathrooms and may be exactly what you're looking for--or not. When remodeling bathrooms, it's important to evaluate rain shower head pros and cons so that informed decisions can be made on your investment.

What is a Rain Shower Head?

Just as it sounds, it is a shower head that is meant to simulate standing in the rain. Due to its proximity directly above the person's head and its flat structure, it allows the water to flow like raindrops. It can also manually replace a standard shower head. It's typically about seven to ten inches in diameter and consists of more holes in the mechanism to ensure enough water spurts out. They aim to bring a more relaxing and soothing experience with a unique style.

Pros of Rain Shower Heads

Homeowners are beginning to invest more money into their homes, which means more interest in revamping their bathrooms with modern technology and trends. Additionally, homes are now being made with the goal of having an experience. Rain shower heads add to this spa-like adventure and provide an elevated elegance to bathrooms.

  • Wide coverage from the larger circumference of a rain shower head means your entire body is enveloped in invigorating steamy water.
  • Simple installation makes for an easy upgrade. Whether that's replacing the standard shower head or installing a new ceiling mount which is best done by a professional.
  • Easier to clean with many models having an integrated speed clean nozzle that helps prevent limescale build-up.
  • Advanced technological features such as settings to help save water along with a variety of spray settings suited for your preferences.
  • Strong durability, especially with metal constructed shower heads, make for a long-lasting product that you don't have to worry about continuously replacing.

Cons of Rain Shower Heads

We all know that remodeling comes with weighing out the pros and cons to any new product or upgrade. Our different preferences and needs may influence what we choose to do with each space. To help you with your decision on installing a rain shower head, we've also gathered a list of cons.

  • Higher cost than a standard shower head. This is primarily due to having to hire a contractor to install a ceiling mount and purchasing a high-quality shower head. An alternative would be to replace the standard shower head.
  • Incompatible with plumbing and/or water heater may prevent you from installing a ceiling mount. With a larger flow (depending on the mechanism) you may have shorter hot showers.
  • Leaks are more common with rain shower heads. This is due to avoiding having a professional install the shower head as well as issues with the pipes.
  • A high ceiling is needed, otherwise, it might not be compatible with your shower. If it's too low, you risk hitting your head. And if it's too high, you risk it being harder to reach and clean.
  • Lower water pressure since the water is coming from further away. Less pressure means more difficulty when washing soap off long hair.

Remodel Your Shower with Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio

Perhaps the pros entirely outweigh the cons when it comes to installing a rain shower head in your bathroom. In that case, Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio can help you design your dream bathroom. Receiving personalized service from professionals who have been in the industry for over twenty years will help make for a smooth process with optimal results.

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