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What is Your Interior Design Style?

Interior Design Style

Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces has many insightful benefits. These include increased home value, better organization, and enhanced safety. But before kickstarting a remodeling project, here's a crucial question: what is your interior design style?

Remodeling goes hand in hand with beautifying your spaces and improving their functionality. And this is where a fitting interior design style comes in handy. However, if you don't have a unique style in mind, don't fret. The tips we've outlined below will help you pick one.

  • Take an Online Quiz

Professionals have curated various online quizzes that help you identify a fitting interior design style that matches your needs and preferences.

These quizzes are fun and available online. They ask you to do several things. For instance, you may find one that displays various rooms and requires you to pick one that makes you swoon. From there, you may need to specify the space that needs a little do-over, such as your baby's nursery or the master bedroom. All these help these tools to come up with a personalized, unique style that's right up your alley.

  • Research Different Styles

Many different interior design styles are available today. These styles range from traditional styles like decorating, with carved wood or neutral color schemes, to modern options that rely primarily on aspects like natural light and monochromatic color palettes. And not to forget unique alternatives like the brutalist, minimalist, Hollywood Regency, and rustic interior design styles.

Before going with any style, do your homework. Start with popular options like modern and traditional options and work your way down. Researching and reviewing as many interior design styles as possible will help you better understand what you fancy.  

  • Compare Different Designs with Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is simply the way you live. You may be living an active lifestyle involving many social events and parties, or your lifestyle may be more Bohemian, with lots of spiritual or artistic tendencies. Either way, your lifestyle should help you pick a suitable interior design style. For instance, if your lifestyle requires you to entertain often, choosing a trendy bathroom design may bring out your fun side.

And, while comparing your lifestyle with different styles, don't forget to factor in essential elements like kids and pets. That is advisable because, for example, if you have young kids, your home may need a childproof kitchen area or durable furnishings that can withstand constant abuse.

  • Factor In Your Home's Architecture

Home architectural styles come in different varieties, ranging from ranch-style houses with their close-to-the-ground profile and small cottages to colonial and contemporary architectural styles. If you don't know your home's architectural style, find out before picking the best interior design style because these two go hand in hand. How?

Suppose your home has a vintage-inspired architectural style. In that case, a more traditional interior design style may be key to celebrating the illustrious history it portrays. On the other hand, a modern style can add an elegant spin to a contemporary home.  

  • Don't Forget Your Budget

Of course, decorating your home will cost you money. And different interior design styles come with different price tags. For starters, there are pocket-friendly options like minimalist and bohemian styles. These two are often cheaper because they involve decluttering and thrifted décor, respectively. On the other hand, styles like classic, art décor, and eclectic bohemian are usually pricier.

Don't pick a design that may be out of your means because it may bankrupt you, or your interior design project may stall halfway. Go with an option you can comfortably afford. Remember, the bill you'll get from your designer will depend on aspects like the size of your project, design complexity, and the furnishings you choose. So budget wisely.

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