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What Are the Trendy Bathroom Design Ideas?

Trendy Bathroom Design Ideas

As a space you use every day, designing your bathroom to suit your preferences and personal style is important.

But before you even begin to make any changes, you need to have prior knowledge of what's modern and trendy to achieve a unique and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. 

For many people, the visual appeal of a bathroom really matters. So, whether you want to go for an elegant and sophisticated bathroom or a simple modern design, catching up on new and trendy designs is a prerequisite for designing a bathroom that makes you want to spend more time in it. 


With that said, here are some trendy bathroom design trends you might want to try in your next remodeling project: 


Decorate with mosaics and tiles 

Tiles are quite a conspicuous feature of a bathroom and play a key in accentuating all other features in there. However, remember the way you place the tiles can make a big difference; for a more modern look, install your mosaic tiles vertically rather than horizontally to make the room appear more spacious.    

If you are striving for a unique style, glass tiles can be an ideal choice. But if your choice of style is traditional, you can opt for ceramic tiles. Be sure to take into consideration the aspect of color to match the tiles with other features in the room.


Re-create a spa experience with a freestanding soaker tub   

sleek freestanding bathtub helps to give your bathroom an exotic look, especially when placed at the center of the room. In fact, you can install this feature to turn your bathroom into a spa for extra relaxation. As one of the most used utilities in the bathroom, you should invest in a tub that evokes luxury and class. 

While shopping for the right tub, you can consider a marble tub with Victorian fixtures; its traditional features can make your bathroom more approachable and historic. With this kind of tub, you will never have to visit a spa since you already have it in your house. 


Add modern lighting        

Having the right lighting in your bathroom can transform the space in an unprecedented way. While shopping for light fixtures, opt for color changing LEDs as they help create a calm and warm ambiance, making your bathroom feel like a sanctuary. As a heads-up, avoid fluorescent lighting as it tends to give your skin an unnatural tone. 

You can also take advantage of natural lighting by fixing skylights; besides saving on the electricity bill, they add visual interest to your bathroom. Ideally, always go for warmer lighting choices to create a serene and relaxing environment. 


Include seating

Adding a seat in your bathroom spells nothing but elegance and sophistication. Wood furniture, in particular, can go a long way in giving your bathroom an exclusive look, especially when matched with elegant mirrors and lighting. Besides providing a place to sit and relax, you can use a seat to place your towels. 

Basically, a bathroom seat should be an extension of your house, and you can make it so by choosing a color that matches the furniture in your living room. This demonstrates your personal style in addition to giving the space a more modern look. 


Add a plant

To complement all the features mentioned here, a plant is what you need: Adding a touch of greenery in your bathroom creates a connection between the indoors and outdoors, giving the space a more natural feel. It also helps to give your bathroom an opulent spa-like experience.

While here, you can choose to place the plants next to the sink or on a windowsill. A fresh eucalyptus, for instance, can add a relaxing smell, further supplementing the plush ambiance of the bathroom. 



There are numerous trendy bathroom design ideas you can consider when remodeling your bathroom. The ideas mentioned here can help you to get started as you work on turning the room into a space you can relax and calm your mind. 

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we have the resources and professionalism to design your bathroom according to your specific desires. Contact us for more insight into our services.   

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