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Remodeling Ideas that Protect the Quality of Your New Home

Protect the Quality of Your New Home

If you have recently purchased a house, you know what the market is like out there. Your home is a valuable investment, one that deserves to be protected. The last thing you want is for little problems like leaks or old materials to put your precious new home at risk. Of course, if you're like most new homeowners, you are also thinking about the potential for a few inspiring renovations. 

Whether you have your eye on little updates or sweeping changes, this is the perfect opportunity to explore remodeling ideas that can help to protect the quality and integrity of your new home.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath, we know how to help you plan a remodel that is built to last, and will provide greater long-term protection for your entire house.  


Beautifully Durable Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important elements of a home's durability. There will be spills, running, and the occasional scuff over your floor. Planning ahead can help you choose flooring that is both beautiful and highly durable in the face of everyday life activities and the occasional common disaster.

If you like the look of hardwood floors, consider luxury laminate board - wood layered and reinforced with protective coatings that make it more durable and water-resistant than most wood flooring. Ceramic tile, sealed concrete, and certain types of durable carpet will provide both an enjoyable home environment, resist damage, and protect the lower levels of your house.


Cabinetry and Finishes Built to Last

If you have moved into a house with an old kitchen, you may already have noticed a few flaws in the paint or crumbling particle board. Kitchens should be built to last. Kitchen remodels can add value and longevity to your home in many different ways. Custom cabinetry can be made of longer-lasting hardboard or solid wood instead of particleboard or plywood. You can also select paints and finishes that are both easy to clean and designed to last many years of solid performance in a high-traffic, high-splash-risk area like the kitchen - and the same is true of your bathrooms and utility spaces.


Plumbing with Built-In Leak Detection

Leaks are one of the most common home disasters that can cause widespread damage, so why take extra risk if you don't have to? Modern technology provides the perfect solution: Built-in leak detection.

Using moisture sensors and automated shut-off valves, you can catch leaks as soon as the drip begins and stop water damage before it happens. Professional plumbing installations with special attention paid to fixtures and seals can also significantly reduce your risk level.


New Weather Stripping, Exterior Doors, and Storm Windows

Keep your home safe from harsh weather and extreme temperatures with a few simple exterior upgrades. The simplest is new weather stripping for all doors and windows where they open, and fresh caulk around windows where they are fixed. A little caulk all around the house, in fact, can go a long way for improving insulation and preventing leaks.

If your windows rattle, consider having storm windows installed. If your exterior doors are clearly worn with age, consider new exterior door installation choosing advanced foam-layered doors for superior insulation and home security.


Electrical Fixtures and Circuits with All the Right Ratings3

Having new light fixtures, smart home features, or utility hookups installed? Have your entire electrical system inspected and improved at the same time. Make sure you're not risking your home on ancient wiring or under-powered circuits. Homes need a lot more electricity than they used to and older homes often weren't originally build to handle the load.

Electrical updates performed by a master electrician can significantly improve the safety and performance of your new home, protecting your investment in the serious long-term.


A Trustworthy and Friendly Remodeling Team

Lastly, always work with a trustworthy local remodling team that has a glowing track record of past clients. Avoid the nightmare that can be an endless or unreliable remodel by choosing a team that has produced positive results and on-time projects time after time.

A team with a diverse set of internal talent including architects, plumbers, and electricians will offer the most comprehensive and expert renovation experience, and a friendly team will help make sure that your family has a good time during the renovation process.


Protecting Your New Home with Edesia Renovation

Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we know that your new home deserves the best. The last thing you want is for your investment to be put at risk by low-quality materials or outdated systems. Contact us today for a consultation, and we can help you build a renovation plan that will improve your home's beauty, utility, and durability together.


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