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How Electrical Upgrades Can Transform a Kitchen

Electrical Upgrades Can Transform a Kitchen

What is the one thing that stands out about an outdated kitchen? If the tile and paint are elegantly neutral and the plumbing works well, what you notice most is the old electrical system. A kitchen designed 30+ years ago will likely have two-prong outlets, old lighting, and not enough of either. You may not have a good place to plug in your blender, coffee maker, and phone charger all on the same counter. You may also find yourself mixing in the dark of your upper cabinet shadows, but why?

If you're thinking about a kitchen remodel, what could make the biggest difference is a simple yet oh-so-important electrical upgrade. Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we know all about the invisible yet undeniable troubles that come from outdated kitchens - and all the clever ways to solve them. Let's dive into eight awesome ways that electrical upgrades will transform your kitchen from "shab to fab" before you even pick a new countertop.


1) Light Up Every Corner of the Kitchen

Let's start with the lights. Modern LED light diodes are tiny, making it posssible to embed little lights on the undersides of every shadowing surface. No longer are you limited by one central overhead light that causes you to cast shadows onto every countertop and work surface. You can place lights underneath every upper cabinet to light your coutners, and even inside the cabinets to light each shelf.

Chase away the shadows, reveal corners that will now be easier to keep clean, and perfectly illuminate every kitchen task. You might be surprised how happy this simple upgrade will make you with every recipe you cook and every time you clean.


2) Well-Placed Outlets for Small Appliances

Kitchen outlets have become a serious issue as small appliances innovate the way we cook. The toaster has given way to air fryers, smart coffee machines, beautiful multi-purpose mixers, and so much more. Why fight for outlet space when you could place exactly the right (three prong!) outlets where you need them.  You can even craft little shelves for power strips where appropriate so that every little appliance has a home when in use.

If you have a coffee cubby, give it an outlet. If you often use your island, emplace an outlet or two just under (or even in) the countertop surface.


3) Cable Runs Where You Need Them

Of course, where there are outlets, there are cables. A cable run is a special channel designed to hold cables that would otherwise lay across your counter, and you can even fold cables back a few times to contain cords that are too long for the space. This will tidy up your kitchen and enhance your ability to enjoy your miracle appliance collection.


4) USB-Outlets, Because the World is Changing

But why stop at normal outlets? Modern outlets can include one to four USB slots, in addition to your three-prong plugins. USB slots (and even USB-C slots) make it easier to use modern devices that are not kitchen appliances like phones, tablets, and smart home gear that is hungry for USB power. USBs are not only tidier and more versatile in terms of cord length, they also don't require large plugin blocks like old wall-plug devices.

So spruce up your kitchen and give yourself the joy of a few easy-to-reach USB wall outlets. You'll definitely thank yourself later.


5) Charging Phones at the Island or Breakfast Bar

Speaking of USB charging, you can even build a dedicated phone charging spot on your kitchen island or breakfast bar where the most morning scrolling takes place. A row of USB A and USB C outlet spots can keep the entire family charged up, making it easy to do homework, look up recipes, and grab your topped-up phones on the way out the door. You can even emplace an induction charging pad with no plug necessary to charge up on the go.


6) Creating a Permanent Recipe Tablet Dock

Speaking of looking up recipes with a mobile device, many modern chefs can benefit from a permanent tablet dock near the stove. This includes a small stand, maybe an emplaced keyboard, and a nearby charging outlet so that you can always keep your favorite phone or tablet propped up and ready for recipes or entertainment in the kitchen at all times.


7) A Kitchen Sound System and Household Intercom

As we wrap up this electrical dream that can easily become reality, why not give yourself a kitchen sound system, as well? Build a few speakers into the molding around your upper cabinets for surround-sound music, movies to entertain you while you cook, or to hook up to your household intercom system so friends and family can talk to you while the stove and dishwasher are roaring.

Make it blue-tooth-friendly. Include a headphone port in convenient places. Heck, build in a flat screen to go with it. It's your kitchen, and these types of installations are easier than you might think.


8) Update Old Appliances in the Mean Time

While you're at it, you might as well update any appliances that are past their best-service date. If your dishwasher is limping along or your stove is from a previous era, an electrical rebuild is a great opportunity to wire in new appliances that will improve your kitchen experience to your delight every time you take care of daily tasks or cook your next meal.


Plan an Electrical Upgrade for Your Kitchen with Edesia

If your kitchen was wired decades ago and could use an introduction to the 21st century in terms of outlets and functionality, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio would be proud to be your instrument for this transformation. Work with our designer-builders to reinvent your kitchen experience. Contact us today to explore your kitchen renovation plans for a quote.

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