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How to Buy the Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet

How do you buy a new faucet for your kitchen? Replacing a kitchen faucet is an elegant way to upgrade your kitchen's appearance and functionality.

 Anyone can have their sink faucet replaced with a newer, more stylish, and more water-efficient model. Whether you're shopping for a new faucet for your kitchen renovation or replacing a crummy old faucet with a much nicer upgrade, the right way to shop for your kitchen faucet remains the same.

You're going to want to think about faucet height, style, finish water flow, the handle situation; plus extra features like a filter and sprayer hose. Let's dive into the best way to buy a kitchen faucet.


Form and Function in a Kitchen Faucet

First, consider form and function. This means that you want a faucet that is both beautiful and functional. Many people prefer a "pot-filler" or gooseneck sink that arcs upward 6-18 inches and then down, giving you plenty of room to fill pots and buckets. If you have enough space over your sink, goosenecks offer the best kitchen function. If you want a fancy type of sink like a waterfall faucet, be sure both the form and the function will be just right in the kitchen.  


Aerators and Your GPM (Flow Rate)

GPM stands for Gallons Per Minute. This is how much water flows out of your sink all at once. Lower GPM is favored for water efficiency, but it will fill your pots a little slower. The way to achieve comfortable, complete water flow without too much GPM is an aerator. Most faucets today come with a multi-layer screen called an aerator which breaks up the water, and spreads it out, as it comes out of the faucet. This is why tap water can feel fluffy instead of heavy like a water pump flow, but is still effective for washing your hands and vegetables.


Faucet Filtration

Do you want a filter on your kitchen faucet? A faucet filter adds some bulk to the appearance of your faucet but adds an extra layer of protection between your family and the municipal water supply. A filter can improve the flavor of water from the tap, as well.


Handles or Lever Sink

What kind of sink handles do you want? Many people prefer the classic two-handle arrangement for careful control of hot and cold. However, chefs often benefit from a lever handle that can be easily nudged on, off, warmer, and colder with an elbow when your hands are covered in cooking ingredients.


Built-In or Separate Sprayer Hose

The sprayer hose is a must-have for modern kitchens. It cleans the sink and fills extra-large pots with ease. The sprayer hose quickly rinses cutting boards, breaks up grease on pans, and it's perfect for filling a mop bucket that won't fit in the sink. 

Decide whether your sprayer hose will be a spout-sprayer (extending from the end of your faucet) or a separate sprayer secured in the sink ledge next to the faucet. 


Style and Finish

Last but not least, choose your style. Once you know the general shape and features of the kitchen faucet you want, you can choose the metal, the finish, and the subtle style created by shape and design. You can choose an old-fashioned faucet in an antiqued bronze finish to match a cozy cottage kitchen and decorative hurricane lanterns. Or you can choose a sleek, minimalist chrome faucet that provides understated elegance to a kitchen designed in clean lines and bright finishes.


What is the best faucet for your kitchen? It all depends on your personal taste in form and function. For more kitchen renovation tips or for a professional team who can install a new faucet, a new sink, or an all-new kitchen to achieve your design, contact us today!

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