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How to Create a Luxury Kitchen with Modern Kitchen Designs

Creating a luxury kitchen is the goal of most remodel projects. Whether your budget is big or small, the feeling of luxury in a kitchen is often in the details.

Which features will be the most convenient for you or the most delightful to see every day? You can fully rebuild your kitchen into a luxury gourmet dream or you can add little touches of luxury in every detail. 

Not sure where to start? We have some great ideas for designing a luxury kitchen with some of the latest and most trending kitchen designs.


Dual Kitchen Countertop Materials

One groundbreaking trend is to design your countertop using two different materials. Butcher block and granite are among the most popular combinations, providing both the durability and elegance of granite with the workstation warmth of a butcher block panel. Dual countertops are often the most impactful when built into an island or incorporate the ends of countertop slabs.


Multi-Purpose Island Design

The perfect island can create the perfect kitchen. Luxury islands are often multi-purpose, serving as a bar, an entertainer cooking station, and a prep space with a delightful mix of storage, built-in power, and appliances. You will often see luxury islands feature built-in seating or bar seating to invite family and friends to spend time with the chef and double the space as a breakfast nook.


Architectural Details in the Kitchen

Why not bring architecture into the kitchen remodel? A ceiling that swoops down and connects with upper cabinets or emphasizes the majesty of the stove hood can enhance the total look and feel of your kitchen. Create archways instead of doors, open a pass-through to the living room, or add comforting dark wood beams across your ceiling to transform the feel of your kitchen with a little restructuring.


Warming and Cooling Drawers

One of the latest luxury kitchen trends is the warming and cooling drawers. Following the "invisible refrigerator" trend, now you can install a cooling drawer or a warming drawer directly into your lower cabinetry to keep lunches fresh or dinners hot for a longer period of time. These elegantly hidden appliances look just like drawers in your cabinets until opened to reveal fresh salads or covered plates.


Beverage Center Station

A beverage center is an elegant and efficient way to use a large kitchen space. Beverage centers are often designed with their own smaller bar sink and storage for cups and ingredients. There might be a mini-fridge or cooling drawer for ingredients, a blender for smoothies, and an espresso machine for morning coffee along with mixing accouterments for making drinks with friends.


Backlit Cabinets and Pantry Shelves

One of the most attractive and useful upgrades in recent trends is the backlit cabinet. Installing lights to illuminate each shelf, drawer, and pantry cupboard can make it easier to use your cabinets and make each cabinet glow. Add frosted glass panels to your upper cabinet doors to create the spacious appearance of distant glowing windows, like a cityscape or countryside as the sun sets. Glowing cabinets are especially beautiful at night but are elegant and useful any time of day.


High-End Appliances & Smart Home Controls

Of course, it wouldn't be a luxury kitchen without high-end appliances and the latest in smart home convenience. On the large appliance side, there are fridges that tell you when you are out of eggs and ovens that self-preheat and text you when the roast is done. On the smaller end, you have pressure cookers that keep you updated on the stew and coffee pots that wake you with the smell of a fresh-brewed cup every morning.


Integrated Kitchen Seating

The final detail of any luxury kitchen is leisure. Build seating into your kitchen as part of the island, a window seat, or perhaps a comfy booth for the kitchen nook. Give guests a place to lounge while they keep the chef company, or hide away a chair for the chef while they wait for heat and time to do their thing.


Designing a luxury kitchen is a wonderful way to approach your kitchen renovation. What changes can you make to create a more luxurious and enjoyable kitchen experience with each meal you cook and the hour you spend in the kitchen? To discover the luxury potential of your kitchen, contact us to work with our designer-builders on your next kitchen remodel.

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