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How to Decorate My Kitchen Wall?

Decorate Kitchen Wall

Kitchen decorations are a uniquely personal choice. The way you decorate your kitchen can create joy every time you enter to cook a meal. 

It can create a sense of peace and relaxation or inspire energy and excitement. Kitchen decor reflects your personality and gives you a chance to truly make the kitchen your own. But knowing the perfect design for your own kitchen isn't always easy. You may find yourself asking wondering how to decorate your kitchen wall.

The best place to look is for inspiration. The perfect decor idea will come to you when you see and explore the decorations that have made others happy in their own unique way. Explore the following kitchen decoration ideas to see if you are inspired to envision the perfect cheerful or tranquil design for your own kitchen designs.


Decorating Smart: Washable Kitchen Decor

The first thing to consider in kitchen decor is a durable design. Kitchens are a place where the mess happens, often by accident, and it isn't always limited to the counters and sink.

That's why tile backsplashes are installed around the stove, sink, and sometimes backing the entire counters. It's also why glossier paint finishes are common in the kitchen where washability is key.

When choosing your kitchen decor, consider how framed prints behind glass and glazed ceramic are easier to wash off if, say, there's a spaghetti sauce explosion or a splattering of macaroni salad near your favorite wall decorations. Washable kitchen decor is decorating smarter.


Hand-Painted Tile and Statement Decals

Popular right now is unique artistry that goes beyond simple color and shape. The tiles of your backsplash or an entire accent wall can display a beautiful handpainted scene or abstract cluster of nature and geometry.

Hand-painted tiles with the paint sealed in a final coat are one wonderful way to create a unique kitchen wall design. Alternately, you can use striking and beautiful decals that stick to a painted wall or tiled backsplash of your kitchen to make a statement.


Accent Wall Design Ideas

Accent walls are hot in today's kitchen design because they add a splash of color and create a delightful backdrop for hanging wall art. Scrawling letters, framed prints, and silhouette stencils are all elegant additions to a strikingly painted accent wall.

Anything that has been done with an accent wall is at your fingertips. You can personalize your kitchen with this singular design style or mix-and-match to create an unforgettable accent display.


"Floating" Herb Garden

Floating gardens are potted plants mounted directly on the wall like floating shelves. Elsewhere in the house, a floating garden might be purely decorative or even house a Beta fish.

In the kitchen, however, you have the opportunity to turn wall art into fresh herbs for your favorite recipes. Rosemary, basil, mint, and many other herbs can grow quite happily in little pots floating upon your kitchen walls as a form of natural and beautiful decor.


Vivid Food Inspired Prints or Wall Sculpture

Kitchens often feature art that resembles food. The only rule is that it be vivid and inspire appetite in those who view it. Some prefer color-rich images of apple barrels or scoops of nuts and seeds.

Some prefer wrought-iron shapes depicting their favorite foods and produce. You can display your food-themed art on the cabinets, on the wall above or between the cabinets, along the pantry wall, or alongside the stove.

Anywhere there is open space for display you can let your love of food be your guide in kitchen wall decor.


Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass is a unique and breathtaking addition to any kitchen. Find small window panels that can hang beautifully from your kitchen walls and the perfect place for each window.

Stained glass art looks striking against a wall and even better with a small light diffused behind the glass. You can also choose glass-free metal frames, reminiscent of stained glass artwork and imagery, but showing your favored paint hues through the frame instead of heavy colored glass.

Are you looking to decorate your kitchen in a way that inspires joy? Whether you are creating a space of high energy or peaceful tranquility, the wall art in your kitchen should most of all reflect your own personality and sense of style.

Get creative with your kitchen and let your own aesthetics be your guide. From hand-painted tiles to food-themed sculptures, your kitchen should be a place decorated to make you feel the happiest when occupying that wonderful cooking space.

Contact us to explore more inspiring kitchen designs that reflect your personality and inner sense of beauty.

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