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How to Define Your Own Interior Design Style

 Define Your Own Interior Design Style

Getting started with interior design always starts at home. How do you decorate your own living room, kitchen, or bedroom? 

Maybe you started with a few posters. Maybe you jumped right in with draperies and throw pillows. Eventually, however, your personal interior design style will rise to the surface.

To discover your style, put together different aspects of your taste until you have a design that is powerful, lovely, and makes you happy to be home.


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How do you define your interior design style? Follow these steps and the answers will lead you to your own personal style.


Your Favorite Colors

Start with a color palette that you think is beautiful. Usually, room design works with more muted and natural tones than your personal favorite hue. But you can modulate your favorite colors to subtly reflect from every room in the house. 

Love the shades of blue? Pick grays for the walls that are blue-tinted so the walls glow blue in sunbeams. Red and purple in your favorite colors? Combine dusty rose walls with dark stained wood beams for an understated yet dramatic look.


Look for Inspiration

Collect pictures of designed rooms that inspire you. Build a gallery or a collage of inspirational photos. Use these to guide your feelings about decoration styles, furniture, accessories, accent walls and more. Each example gives you not just an inspiration, but a contrast in how your personal style might alter the depicted room design.


What Makes You Feel Comfortable

When decorating your own home, make sure you feel comfortable. What elements of interior design feel welcoming and relaxing to you? You may feel welcomed by upholstered furniture ready to be flopped into.

Maybe wood panels and exposed brick make a place feel like home to you. Never out-think yourself and make a room more stylish than it is comfortable.


What Looks Stylish to You

Each person has their own unique vision of what is stylish. Some love an ornate neo-Victorian sitting room. Some find that abstract art and geometric furniture is the most appealing way to decorate a living room.

Do you feel that sharp angles look more stylish or curling baroque frames? Would you rather hang paintings or sculptures? Will your window treatments be hanging drapes or electric automatic shades?


What Incorporates Your Favorite Items

Decorating your own home, don't forget to plan for the items you already own. Pick your favorite items to serve as centerpieces and inspiration for your interior design style.

Use a classy old armchair to inspire your drawing room style design, or go with the style established by your antique armoire. You may already have a collection of art to add to the walls or curtains you'd like to hang.


What Makes the Room Feel Energetic and Clean

The way you feel when you walk into a room can shape your home experience. When your interior design is complete, your home should feel clean and energetic. Some designs make a home feel cluttered or even oppressive when stepped into.

Your personal interior design should feel uplifting to you when each of your projects is complete.


What Looks Good When You're Finished

Finally, survey your success. You know you've found your inner interior design style when you like your final work. Redesign your living room and then step back to see if you are satisfied. What you see will either be perfect or you'll quickly have a few more ideas and inspirations on how your design could be better. Through this process, your best design style will bubble to the surface.


Redesigning the look and feel of your home? Discover your own personal interior design style and decorate with the art that makes each room complete. Find all the wall art pieces you could need in a wide variety of styles, themes, and color palettes to suit your personal tastes in interior design. Contact us for more great insights on redesigning your home.

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