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How to Upgrade Your Home's Lighting with Positive ROI - Pt 1

 Lighting with Positive ROI

Upgrading your home to enjoy or to sell, the price tag matters. Beautiful renovations and fixture upgrades can increase the value of your home -now or over time - but the ROI (return on investment) depends on more than just the final value. It's also based on how much you spend on the project. If you can achieve beautiful and high-quality upgrades at a discount, then your ROI will quite enjoyably increase. 

One of the best ways to show off your home is great lighting. Because many older homes also have old, underpowered light fixtures, a few artful lighting upgrades can transform, illuminate your corners, and even make rooms look larger.  Not only will you enjoy the home more as the owner, but buyers will also fall in love with the architecture and location more easily when each room glows with warmth and modern style.

Your home deserves to be beautiful and well-lit, but you don't have to blow your home improvement budget to achieve those effects.  At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we are passionate about helping homeowners create an enchanting, uplifting space in every room - whether your budget is big or small.

Today, we want to share a few very smart ways to minimize your lighting budget and get the most bang for your buck in illumination, beauty, and eventual ROI.    


1) Upgrade Light Bulbs and Shades First

If your light fixtures are safe and performing well, start with the things that are easy and more affordable to change. Swap out old bulbs for new ones. That dim lighting problem might have just been an underpowered bulb or three. Swap out old bulbs for powerful, low-energy LEDs and discover if your lighting problem resolves itself.

Want to change the look of a fixture or lamp? Try a different lamp shade or flush glass cover. You can find lamp shades and light covers often at a far lower expense than an entirely new light fixture, and no electrical installation is required.  


2) Replace Your Lighting One Room at a Time & Prioritize

Upgrading your home's lighting isn't like a kitchen renovation: you don't have to do it all at once. This is great news for homeowners on a limited budget. You don't have to fit all your light fixtures into what you can comfortably afford right now.

You can replace one room at a time, prioritizing the rooms that need a stylistic update or better illumination first, then matching your new style by replacing other fixtures throughout the house as you go. This allows you to re-generate your renovation budget without an impetus to overspend on one big shopping trip.


3) Find Your Favorite Light Fixture Styles at a Lower Price

Discover your style. Check out magazines and Pinterest boards to find out which light fixtures delight you and would look beautiful in certain rooms of your home. Then look for the same styles at a far lower cost than the designer pieces you'll see on display. 

Your guests won't know the difference between a $10,000 cage chandelier above your dining room compared to a $300 cage chandelier, and neither will the light bulbs. You achieve a home renovation victory every time you find a similar style at a lower cost, as long as the quality is up to your needs and standards.


4) Illumination Over Size

Did you know that buying three small pendant lamps is often more affordable - and more illuminating - than one large chandelier? Good illumination, from corner to corner, is essential in how much you enjoy your home. In fact, few people realize just how subtly demoralizing poor lighting can be until they light up a room and suddenly enjoy being there more often.

When it comes to lighting, prioritize the quality and spread of illumination over the desire for one big light fixture. This simple tip can help you save money on oversized fixtures and create more satisfaction throughout your well-lit home.


[Continued in Part 2]

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