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How to Upgrade Your Home's Lighting with Positive ROI - Pt 2

Upgrade Your Home's Lighting with Positive ROI

[Continued from Part 1]


5) Maximize Light with Diffusion and Reflection

Speaking of prioritizing light quality, don't forget that each fixture and light bulb can go further if you maximize the light spread. Use diffusers like frosted glass light covers to make bright, powerful light bulbs more pleasant on the eyes. Diffusing light covers can help light spread more evenly through the room. This is why diffused panels of light are popular in modern hotel and resort designs.

You can also hang mirrors, especially mirrors near the ceiling angled down, to reflect light fixture light and multiply the illumination it provides by casting ceiling light back down into the living space. That said, a good mirror can be as or more costly than a new light fixture.


6) Shop Around, You Have Options On Your Options

Are prices too high at the first store or retailer you check out? Not sure if you're getting a good deal? Shop around. In today's world of e-commerce and drop-shipping, you have more options for lighting vendors than you can imagine. You can compare prices, explore styles, and get different lights from different places if you choose. You are never stuck with just one inventory or price list, and you can often find those delightful same-style fixture savings by shopping around, as well.


7) Find Second-Hand Table and Floor Lamps

You'd be hard-pressed to find a second-hand chandelier on the market - but you can always find second-hand lamps. One of the best ways to save on accessory and accent lighting is to check out your local garage sales, second-hand shops, flea markets, and online-local boards like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

You just might find the perfect table lamp to match your style at a steal. You might find a majestic floor lamp, glowing holiday lamps, old-fashioned desk lamps and more. If the parts all still work, replace the bulb and you have a beautiful lighting piece at a fraction of the bought-new cost.


8) Make Use of String Lights and Strip Lights

Another way to get creative with your lighting budget is string lights and strip lights. String lights are twinkling "holiday" lights, but with a few modern design improvements. Sometimes called fairy lights, these strings of little LED bulbs make wonderful bedroom lighting, providing a nightlight level of illumination and decor quality that will delight the whimsical.

Strip lights are sturdy ribbons dotted with LED diodes along the length. Many strip lights come with an adhesive backing so you can use them to illuminate things like your countertops (by sticking lights to the underside of cabinets), your closets (same theory only with closet shelves) and other small, essential spaces where overhead lights have a hard time reaching. Also, string lights and strip lights are typically more affordable than built-in accent lights that might fill the same role.


9) Find a Licensed Renovation Partner

Finally, look for the right renovation partner when preparing to upgrade your home lighting. You'll need a team with a licensed electrician, a cost-efficient planning process, and the ability to understand your vision for home upgrades. Always work with an electrician when upgrading lighting, as the work involves your home's inner circuits and relies on well-supported ceiling fixtures.


Show Your Home in the Best Light

When it comes to valuable home upgrades, the best light shows the best features of your home. Clear illumination and elegant, modern light fixtures can transform a dim, shadowy house into a warm and welcoming home that buyers will clamor for.

Whether you are thinking about long-term home improvements with good ROI, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio can help you achieve your ideal renovations. Contact us today to explore home upgrades including fixtures that will show your home's every feature in its best light.

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