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Interior Design Principles for a Small Condo

When most people think about hiring an interior designer, they think of large houses and vast spaces. But you don't need a verandah or a vaulted ceiling to enjoy beautiful, refined interior design. 

In fact, smaller spaces have more to benefit from expert interior design than large spaces that have plenty of room for detail. Owning a small condo can be a private luxury, but only if the floorplan and interior design work together to create a beautiful and efficient space.

In designing a smaller space, every choice makes a bigger impact. Let's dive into the design principles to make a small condo feel spacious and elegant.  


Enhancing the Natural Flow and Beauty of Your Space

Great interior design uses the natural flow and beauty of a space by reflecting architecture with art. The walking paths, open walls, and natural light in your condo will help to define the perfect interior design for your space.

A professional interior designer will be able to see the potential of your condo without blocking that natural flow. They will be able to choose furniture, fixtures, and decor that will enhance the space's natural beauty instead of fighting it. When they are done, your condo will feel lovely, spacious, and yet ready to become the stage for your next steps in life instead of taking the magazine spread spotlight.  


Beautiful and Ergonomic Furniture Choices

Choice in furniture is vital when decorating a small condo. Clunky furniture and furniture placed in the wrong arrangement can make a condo seem cramped. But light furniture in ergonomic arrangements will provide those natural walking paths that make a home feel spacious while also providing the beauty and comfort of a well-furnished room. 

Not only are well-chosen furniture pieces attractive, but they are also comfortable and even productive to use. The right dining chairs will provide rest and good posture when you share your meals. The right couch is perfectly placed to move around, yet cozy and comfortable for naps, television, and family conversations.


Decoration that Creates an Experience

When it comes to visual decoration, a small condo needs a light touch. Too many details or too bold of design, and you overpower the space. Instead, a professional designer can help you balance your personal tastes with the light and space available in each room of your condo.  Together, their choice of decor will help you create not just a decorated space, but an ambiance of relaxation and beauty when you are inside your home.

You will feel that sense of relaxation as you walk in your front door and are greeted by a beautiful, unified design that feels perfectly like home. In a small home, selective choices in decoration can help the entire space feel more elegant and personalized without creating a sense of clutter. 


Increasing the Spaciousness of Each Room

The smaller your space, the more your home benefits from space-enhancing techniques. Placing mirrors and prioritizing clear surfaces can help make any home feel roomier.  You will be more comfortable at home when each room feels large enough that the walls fall away from you rather than closing in. Light and airy decoration styles, furniture with slender frames, and built-in rather than free-standing furniture all make a difference.


Flowing from One Room to the Next in a Small Condo

Finally, professional interior design can help your small home flow beautifully from room to room. Subtle changes in paint tone and decoration themes that travel throughout the home can make your condo feel like a beautiful, magazine-worthy environment that is delightful to the eyes yet beautifully understated.


Transform your small condo into the inspirational backdrop for the life you want to lead. A beautiful place to come home to, a relaxing oasis for rest, privacy, and intimacy with those you love best. If you have a small home in need of a redesign or remodel, contact us today. We know that small spaces have the most to benefit from beautiful, ergonomic interior design.

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