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Is wallpaper still a popular option for decorating your walls?

wallpaper still popular for decorating

Home decor has come a long way and so has wallpaper.  It is no longer your Granny's floral prints that have to be covered in gooey paste. 

Today's wallpapers offer variety, drama, and luxury.  They come in a myriad of designs, textures, and materials.  They can be made to order from a special design or print, can bring the outdoors in with a mural design, or simply draw attention to an otherwise bland wall. 

If you are considering redecorating or reinvigorating a room, wallpaper may be a cost-effective option to consider.  



Adding texture to your wall can be done easily with the newest trend in wall coverings: textured wallpaper.  This new breed of wallpaper is made from materials such as grasscloth, vinyl, or silk.

You may do a double-take, as some surfaces are so realistic that you may imagine that you are touching concrete or bamboo, when in fact it is a textured wallpaper.  



In addition to adding texture, today's wallpaper can appear three-dimensional.  This 3-D effect can be seen on geometrics, abstracts,  and repetitive patterns as well as total wall murals. 

You can turn heads with 3-D wallpaper which immediately gives your room a focal point.  It can also be used to define a space for a specific function or style.



If you have a specific print in mind, or if you want to design one yourself, custom-made wallpaper gives your wall a personalized statement.   

This is also a way to incorporate particular colors or shapes that would complement your room and style.



Many top fashion designers are offering wallpaper designs so if you are a fan of Gucci, there is a wallpaper for that. 

Visit designer websites and search under home decor to see if your favorite offers a selection.  


All Natural

Wallpaper is not just paper.  Today's wallpaper is made from many ingredients, including "green" wallpaper made from all-natural products. 

Found among this list of materials, you will find silk, cork, wicker, grass and straw.  If sustainability is important to you, look no further than an all-natural line of wallpaper products.  



If you are truly wanting to get the biggest bang for your wallpaper buck, check into murals.  Many are hand-painted and are designed to cover your wall from floor to ceiling with art. 

Included in a mural paper, might also be a non-repeating design meant to be placed in a specific area such as over a crib or a wall in the sunroom.  However you decide to use it, a mural will add drama and become the statement piece of the room.



Think Granny's floral wallpaper meets the younger, innovative generation.  Chintz is making a major comeback, even garnering a style moniker of its own:  'grand millennial style'. 

This style combines a nostalgic feel of florals with a bolder, brighter design.  It can be found in nearly every room of the house and is a great distraction from minimalistic or ultra-modern design.  



Watercolor designs on wallpaper allow the designer to subtly introduce a variety of colors into a room.  Like a watercolor painting, lines are blurred which adds to individual interpretation.  It also allows you to make changes in linens, furnishings, etc., without changing the paper since it has several colors that can be maximized.

Wallpapers are very on-trend this year.  They can define a room, highlight a style choice, or blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.  They can enhance a room without a costly rebuild and can be a cost-effective statement piece.  Wallpaper can be tailored to your design style and your color choices and can be personalized to meet your needs.

Do you have questions about how wallpaper can help with your kitchen or bath remodel?  Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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