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Kitchen Curtains - How to Select the Right Style for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains are very essential when it comes to finalizing your kitchen decor. Framing your kitchen with the most suitable curtains makes a huge difference in the feel and look of the entire room. 

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio we are always focused on giving you a better, less expensive, sexier and more comfortable kitchen decor with few headaches.


Here are some of the tips that can help you select the right style for your kitchen curtains.


1. Color

When it comes to choosing the right color for your kitchen curtains, it is essential to consider the color of your kitchen furnishings and walls.

With this in mind, you may decide to use complementary colors for contrast or match the current color theme of the kitchen space. Ensuring that these colors blend well gives you a beautiful and comfortable kitchen view. 


2. Curtain Fabric

There are a variety of fabrics available for kitchen curtains ranging from those made of lightweight fibers to those made of heavy materials.

Cotton is the most recommended because of its easiness to clean, durability and its airy feel. It is essential to consider if the fabric is light-resistant to so as to ensure it does not quickly fade. 


3. Length

It is crucial to carefully measure the window where the curtain will be installed to ensure it is not very long neither is it too short.

Long curtains look a bit awkward when installed in the kitchen, unlike when in living rooms. Extra short curtains, on the other hand, may leave a space that allows sunlight to creep in your kitchen, thus becoming a nuisance. 


4. Pattern 

When it comes to kitchen curtains, we have a variety of patterns that you need to choose from ranging from floral to striped, plaid, novelty as well as numerous abstract patterns.

As much as you have to go with your preference, considering the design of the entire room is vital in selecting the right curtain style for your kitchen.

If for instance, you went for striped curtains, finding the color of the stripes in relation to the kitchen color theme is crucial as mentioned earlier. 


5. Dry Clean Only or Washer Machine friendly 

Before choosing a curtain for your kitchen, it is crucial to know if you are going for dry-clean only or washer machine friendly.

This helps you save money in the long run. It is very possible to completely ruin your curtains by trying to wash them yourself if they are not meant for that kind of washing.

Some curtains shrink while being washed, and therefore, it is crucial to check this aspect before buying the curtain. If you find out that the curtains have not been pre-shrunk, ensure that you make an allowance for that during measurements.


6. Price

Due to the large variety of curtains available, it is important to analyze your budget so as to know if you are able to afford the kitchen curtains you are considering.

Nevertheless, it is more important to buy a quality curtain that gives you not only an elegant feeling but also a long-lasting experience.

It is advisable that you stretch your budget a little bit and go for quality curtains so as to avoid buying new ones every now and then.


7. Material of The Rod 

The solid wood material is prone to changes in humidity and temperatures, thus not very suitable for your kitchen curtains because vapors and fumes can also dramatically affect the wood.

Once you have decided to give your kitchen an aesthetic look, it is advisable that you go for aluminum or iron rods for durability as well as an appealing look.

Are you looking up to changing the entire look of your kitchen with the best curtain styles? Worry no more. Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is ready to help out. Feel free to contact us today for information on this.

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