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Kitchen Remodel Ideas that Support Healthy Habits

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Many people are constantly on a journey to live healthfully. Choosing nutritious foods and exercising routinely are both important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, though many people do not realize that their kitchen could be hindering their efforts. 

At Edesia Studio, we offer a variety of services that aim to promote both an appealing and efficient kitchen space. Here are a few basic kitchen remodeling ideas that can help support a happy, healthy lifestyle!


Open Shelving

This type of shelving can help you to better see and grab what you use most. Of course, items like plates, glasses, and mason jars filled with ingredients are a good go-to but, if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, certain items are better suited for open shelving.

Smaller plates are a great idea to have easy access to, so you are less likely to overfill a larger plate. Open shelving is also a great idea for items such as measuring cups, a food scale, and a fruit bowl as well as lower calorie items like spices, coffee, and tea.


Pragmatic Paint Color

Kitchen colors tend to lean towards warmer, earth tone colors since they have a welcoming, homier feel to them.

This is great if that is the type of atmosphere you enjoy; although, those who are trying to spend less time in the kitchen may want cooler colors, specifically blue hues, since the color blue has been known to help suppress your appetite.

You can always add a few blue accents to your kitchen prior to a remodel to get a feel for how you want your new kitchen to look.


Bluetooth Speaker

Installing a Bluetooth speaker/radio is an entertaining and functional asset to any kitchen. Music in general has a wide range of benefits, including stress reduction and improved mood.

Listening to music while you are cooking can help to keep your spirits up and make the cooking experience more enjoyable. If music is not your thing though, podcasts and cooking tutorials are always great ideas as well.   


Lighting Choices

Deciding on light fixtures as well as their placement is an incredibly important aspect of remodeling. A well-lit room can help you to feel better, make healthier choices, and stay safe, especially in the kitchen.

Both recessed and drop lighting techniques can be utilized in a kitchen to provide adequate lighting. If you prefer to have the choice between a brightly lit room and a romantic ambiance, consider dimmers or task lighting that can be utilized when desired.


Drawer and Pantry Organizers

Custom organizers for your drawers, cabinets, and shelves can save both space and time. You can add creative dividers for dishes, plates, and bowls as well as sliding components within a drawer for multiple utensils that can help with both organization and safety.

In order to save counter space, you can also optimize a pantry or cupboard to have easy access to appliances that are aimed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, like a juicer or dehydrator.


Custom Message Center

Having a place to keep grocery lists, healthy snack ideas, meal plans, and general to-do notes can help to keep everyone organized.

It can be custom-built to fit into the perfect space in the kitchen in order to increase overall efficiency and support healthy eating through visual reminders to choose nutritious foods. It is also a great place for a calendar, household schedules, and recipe ideas!  


If any of these remodel ideas sound like something you would be interested in, we would love to help you create a healthier, more efficient space. We have worked with many individuals and families over the years and have multiple financing options available for everyone.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your next remodel!  

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