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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid: The Do's and Don'ts

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Sitting down to finally plan a remodeling job for your kitchen is quite exciting. However, there are pitfalls that you may want to avoid to streamline the process and have a successful project at the end.

Most people jump headfirst into kitchen remodeling, and the results are usually disastrous. 

Talk of an awful outlook of your kitchen on the very least, or in worst cases, a steep descent of your property's resale value. It doesn't have to be this way; take some time to go over some of these common pitfalls that we outlined for you.

It will save you tons of heartaches and give you a smooth kitchen remodeling venture.




1. Don't Low-ball Your Budget

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, surprises can happen. For instance, your contractor may be working on the kitchen but unintentionally damages an adjacent wall, or you realize electrical issues or mold that need to be rectified immediately.

More often than not, you will incur additional expenses that derail your initial remodeling project. To guarantee your peace of mind and to cushion your project from stalling, it is prudent to set aside at least 15 percent of your budget for unseen emergencies.


2. Don't Choose Designers in a Whim

Remodeling your kitchen is both an expense and an investment. Therefore, you should not rush into hiring a kitchen designer. Shop around for multiple contractors and take time to read their reviews, consulting their references, and engaging with their previous clients.

Some kitchen designers are mere wheeler-dealers in disguise, so don't be fooled by the low prices. Conduct due diligence on each company. A reputable designer company will make you feel secure and peaceable with the entire remodeling project.


3. Don't Be Carried Away by the Trends

Updated and fresh looks are great, but you should take into account the resale value too. Focusing on popularity and trends alone for your kitchen remodeling can come back to haunt you down the years. The trends don't last, but good kitchen designs last a lifetime. 

A good kitchen designer will help you navigate, landing you safely on something timeless yet trendy.


4. Don't Choose the Wrong Color

When choosing the colors, you need to keep every aspect of your kitchen in mind. Your kitchen's scheme color does not end with the colors you choose for the floors, cabinets, and walls. Eventually, the color of your pot plant or kettle will break or make the cohesion in your remodeled kitchen.


5. Don't Forget to Order Extra Flooring

Flooring material is especially fragile and can easily break during movement or installation. To save yourself the hassles of running out in the middle of a renovation project, buy extra flooring material. 

Professionals recommend buying an extra 10 percent of the needed flooring material. You can use the remainder in future repairs.


Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes



6. Consider the Workflow

Most people endearing to remodel their kitchens overlook the workflow then lament of limited space. Take into consideration the work triangle between the cooker, sink, and refrigerator. 

Leveraging on the work triangle allows you to maximize your space and enjoy the functionality of your kitchen.


7. Measure Accurately

Taking incorrect measures is a common mistake but a costly mistake in remodeling your kitchen. Consider buying and installing the perfect cabinetry for your new kitchen design, only to realize you are out of space for your fridge or cooker.

In this case, apply the carpenter's thumb rule, measure twice, and cut once.


7. Complement the Original Architectural Style

People will often choose new kitchen designs that throw the harmony of their space totally of the balance. New additions need not be the replica of your kitchen's architecture. 

However, ensuring they marry well with your kitchen's existing structure and design will maintain a harmonious kitchen outlook.


8. Ask Questions

You will save yourself heartaches and resources if you take the time to seek expert advice and opinion.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio Inc, we offer you unmatched kitchen and bathroom design solutions here in Boston, MA. Feel free to contact us today for queries and more information on Kitchen Remodeling, and we will be more than willing to assist. 

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