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Kitchen Trends for 2020

kitchen trends

Kitchen trends for 2020 are a celebration of luxury, simplicity, and performance all rolled into one.   As we have begun to embrace more time spent at home, we have realized the importance of a well planned, beautifully designed kitchen.


The newest, hottest trend is kitchen islands is the double island.  If space is not an issue, the double island offers more space for meal prep, and more room to gather. 

Families, dinner parties, and other special occasions will enjoy the space for serving, mingling, and working together with two islands.   And what about dual sinks?  One for prep and one for cleanup? 

The trend for multi-level surfaces makes the island more interesting and functional.  


Countertops can add that drama that your kitchen may be missing.  Dark countertops add sophistication and make a bold statement at the same time.  But don't think for a minute that marble has gone away!  Au contraire, mon Cheri! 

Marble has become bigger than ever before, with the flashier, veinier Calacatta,  Carrera Marble shower cousin.  And for more of a statement, match your marble countertop to your marble backsplash.  Talk about drama! 



The white subway tile was great for the 2010's, but 2020 is trending toward slab backsplashes, with veiny designs.  Or this is another place to get that drama.  Go for a bright pop of color. 

A bold backsplash offers a colorful pop without overwhelming the rest of your kitchen.  If subtle is more your liking, brick and stone are again trending as one of the "back again" backsplash styles.  This material comes in many shades and can be as bright or as muted as you prefer.  



The hottest trend in cabinetry is sleek cabinet fronts with handle-less design.   Think easy clean, natural tones.  Though we have loved the white farmhouse style of this prior decade, keeping it clean has been a drawback for some. 

Open shelving is also an ongoing trend for 2020 design.  It offers easy storage but also doubles as kitchen decor.  Wood is back, but instead of oak the newest trends lean toward ash or walnut.  Styling is sleek but more traditional.  

In addition to warm wood tones, greens, navies, and even turquoise are being seen in kitchen design.    The colors may be muted, or in small surfaces they may offer a bright pop.  Mixing colors of uppers and lowers is still on trend, and islands will continue to make a statement in a different finish.



Stainless steel still reigns supreme in appliance finishes, but 2020 is seeing more "statement"  appliances. 

Maybe a red stove, a blue oven, or even an orange retro fridge.  If you are looking for a focal point or you are just tired of stainless steel fingerprints, you might investigate one of the trending bold appliances.  



Technology is more important than ever with the on-the-go lives we lead.  A smart countertop oven can take the guesswork out of meal prep by recognizing what is put in the oven and automatically adjusting the temperature and cooking time to the type of food and its weight.

It can notify you  when the meal is ready or you can program it to turn on with a voice command.  A smart refrigerator can let you know when your milk is out of date or you are running low on eggs.  Many appliances will send alerts to your phone if there is an issue such as a mechanical problem or if someone left a door ajar.

Kitchen trends for 2020  are all about drama, beauty and ease of care.  But remember that trends are there to ignite your interest and demonstrate availability. 

Working with  a designer who understands your personal preferences and tastes, may help you incorporate some of those trends into your design.   

We can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.  

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