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One Hour with Boston Kitchen Designer Dianne Aucello Can Improve Your Plan

Boston Kitchen Designer

No homeowner fully realizes the value of a professional designer until they have worked with one. An architectural and interior designer has the insight to bring your space to life with an eye for color and composition that goes beyond choosing a kitchen style. 

While most homeowners have an idea of how they want their final remodel to look or feel, what colors they like best, and perhaps the materials they favor, a designer brings all these elements together into a plan to make your dream kitchen into a reality.

But where to get started?

Here at Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, our president, founder, and lead designer Dianne Aucello is the heart of our operations. Preferring the hands-on approach, Dianne doesn't just operate the business, she makes it possible by working directly with clients to help them envision every detail of the project ahead.

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Conceptualizing Your Kitchen Remodel

Every remodel starts with homeowner brainstorming. Maybe you can see the perfect kitchen peeking out behind old paint tones and outdated tile. Or perhaps you know you want more space but are not sure just how you want to achieve it. Work together with friends or family. Make sketches. Use AR apps to apply new paint colors to a snapshot of your kitchen and play with different balances of color and shade.

Decide if you want a farmhouse kitchen or a sleek post-modern minimalist kitchen. Determine if you're looking for dripping planters, rustic spice racks, or a stainless steel pantry system. Get a full idea of what you'd like your kitchen to be, even if you're not yet 100% on the details.


Consult with Dianne Aucello, Boston Kitchen Designer

When you've completed the brainstorming stage, you're ready to consult with a professional kitchen designer to hone your plans. Dianne Aucello of Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is an acclaimed Boston kitchen designer with more than a few (dozen) gorgeous kitchen renovations under her belt. With over two decades in the renovation business and another ten years of architectural experience to fall back on, Dianne can unlock your kitchen's design potential.



A one-hour consultation can help you refine your vision and see new and delightful possibilities in the kitchen design that will add functionality and bring the total concept together in a beautifully composed space.


Improve and Crystallize Your Renovation Plan

Working together with designer Dianne Aucello, crystallize your renovation plan. Choose the features and changes that will provide the transformation you are looking for and lock your design into place. Now, you can start to build your renovation timeline with local contractors and kitchen specialists.


See Your Dream Kitchen Come to Life

Having created an unstoppable and beautiful kitchen renovation plan, all that's left is to sit back and watch the magic happen. Watch your current kitchen go through the transformation of new surfaces, cabinets, and stylized features to become the dream kitchen you envisioned during the planning stage.


Schedule a One-Hour Kitchen Consultation with Dianne Aucello

Are you considering the possibilities of a kitchen remodel for your Boston area home? If so, you're in luck. You have access to one of the kitchen remodeling industry's premier designers in Edesia's designer-owner Dianne Aucello. To improve your kitchen renovation plan, from your choice of backsplash tile to the perfect project schedule, all you need is a one-hour consultation with Dianne and your vision will fall together into the perfect plan of action.

Contact Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio to book your consultation with our leading kitchen designer and business founder, Dianne Aucello. We look forward to helping you see your dream kitchen come to life.

kitchen planning guide

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