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Selecting the Right Custom Countertop for Your Kitchen

Custom Countertop

With a myriad of options for your kitchen countertop, choosing the most suitable can feel a bit overwhelming. 

This is because countertops are the central point of your kitchen, not to mention how they pull together every other element in your kitchen right from wall color to backsplash to give it a splendid look and feel.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we understand how frustrating it can be if you choose the wrong countertop and have thus come up with a list of six most popular countertops that you can choose from depending on your preferences. 


1. Granite

This is the most popular kitchen countertop. As a natural material, granite comes in different shades and pattern variations such that each slab is unique. It is exceptionally durable and can withstand splashes, knife nicks, heat, and any other daily wear and tear.

Granite countertops are easy to maintain and can be polished to give a glossy look. On the downside, granite is a bit expensive and a Do-It-Yourself-unfriendly material. Additionally, it calls for rigid cabinet boxes to place it on as it is quite heavy. 


2. Marble 

This is one of the most attractive countertops due to its unique appearance and vein patterns.

However, marble is soft and calls for careful and repeated sealing when used as a kitchen countertop. It is not stain-resistant like granite and can also be easily scratched with a knife or any sharp kitchen utensil.

It is a bit cheaper than granite and can be a great choice if you are not looking for a material that will endure the aging process. 


3. Engineered Quartz

This is not a solid slab but an engineered stone product that is also quite popular. Engineered quartz is easy to maintain and also extremely durable.

It does not need to be resealed like granite, not to mention how stain, bacteria growth, and scratch-resistant it is. It is also available in a wide range of patterns and colors that you can choose from.


4. Solid Surface

This is a human made material created as an alternative to a stone that can be designed to look like any natural stone that you would love to have.

It is majorly made of polyester materials and synthetic acrylic; sometimes, it is blended with a small natural stone quantity. Solid surfaces are more affordable and have an ideal appearance due to their hundreds of patterns and colors. They are, however, prone to scratching and scorching.


5. Laminate

This is also a great countertop option made of fabric or paper glued to a plywood substrate. It is easy to preserve, comes in a wide range of styles and colors, and is very cost-friendly.

They are also easily available and easy to clean due to their smooth surface. The downside of laminate is that they are prone to scratch, and their seams are always noticeable. 


6. Concrete

This is a countertop choice that gives your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look. It can be textured and stained in any color that goes well with your decor.

Concrete works well with tile, marble, and glass accents and can be cast into any shape that you want. It is not resistant to heat and stains easily because it is porous. Additionally, it is prone to crack with time, and its surface may collect bacteria.

New treatments help to reduce cracking, and additives also help to minimize porousness.

Are you looking for the most suitable kitchen countertop for your home? Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio has got you covered. Contact us today for more countertop options and get an opportunity to enjoy up-to-the-minute designs and world-class customer service.

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