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Should I Replace my Kitchen Cabinets or Re-Face Them?

Replace my Kitchen Cabinets or Re-Face

When remodeling your kitchen, should you replace the kitchen cabinets or re-face them instead?

 The difference in the choice you make will be profound, which is all the more reason to make your decision carefully. There is no best overall answer because every kitchen and remodel project is unique.

Do you want to move or redesign your countertop locations? Do you like the counters but think the cabinets are terribly dated? 

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Rebuilding your kitchen cabinets allows you to fully redesign the space, while resurfacing the cabinets can breathe new life into the old structure. Let's dive into the reasons why you might choose either option depending on your remodeling goals.


Reasons to Rebuild Your Kitchen Cabinets

When doing a major kitchen remodel, it's often more practical to fully rebuild your kitchen cabinets with new cabinetry materials and design.


1) The old cabinets are damaged

The most common reason to replace kitchen cabinets is water damage. Cabinets are typically made of pressed board composite which eventually dissolves when exposed to water. If your cabinets are soft or crumbly, they may not be able to support a new countertop and should be rebuilt. Badly scratched or splintered cabinets 


2) You want to move cabinets and countertops

If you plan to redesign your countertops, appliance locations, and floorspace in the kitchen, you'll want to replace the kitchen cabinets. That particle board rarely survives being uninstalled and moved, so build new cabinets instead.


3) You're taking out walls for a total kitchen redesign

If you're fully redesigning the kitchen down to the walls and beyond, the cabinets are likely to be removed in the process. Build all new kitchen cabinets when your walls and floor go back in.


4) The old cabinets are nothing like your desired style

You can keep your cabinets while redesigning the look, but you can't fully re-style cabinets without rebuilding them. If you hate the basic carved and stained design of your current cabinets, replace them with entirely new cabinet design.


Installing New Cabinet Doors

One hybrid option for kitchen cabinets is to replace the cabinet doors but keep the hollow shelving structure. Combined with refacing the cabinets with new stain or paint, new cabinet doors can completely reinvent the look and feel of your existing cabinetry.


Why Repaint or Resurface Cabinets Instead

If you're happy with your cabinet's current location, you can reinvent the design simply by resurfacing the cabinets and cabinet doors.


1) You like the location but not the look

If you hate the color or stain but love the kitchen design, all you need is to reface your kitchen cabinets. Repaint the cabinets or apply a different color of stain to make your kitchen look completely different.


2) The shabbiness is only finish-deep

Some kitchen cabinets look shabby but are still very sturdy and stylish underneath. If the scratches and scuffs are only finish-deep, buff out those imperfections and repaint your cabinets to make them like-new again.


3) You're reinstalling countertops on the existing cabinet shape

If you're installing new countertops on the current kitchen layout, this is the perfect opportunity to reface your cabinets to make them match the countertop more beautifully.


The Best Cabinet Remodel for Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen cabinets define the color palette and style of your overall kitchen. You can take control of that kitchen style by either replacing your kitchen cabinets or choosing to reface the cabinets you already have. Don't forget that replacing the cabinet doors and repainting the cabinetry is a great hybrid solution if you want to change the style but not fully rip out your kitchen structure.

Contact us to consult on the kitchen design of your dreams and the best steps to make that into reality. We look forward to reinventing your kitchen to your personal specifications.

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