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Shower or Tub? The Way You Bathe Could Affect Your Property Value!

Shower or Tub

Many people want to remodel a bathroom and eliminate either the shower or the bathtub.

The way you bathe could affect the value of your property if you have a house or condominium, or you own your apartment. The best solution is to offer both a bathtub and a shower. Real estate agents will tell you that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes!

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There is no data that shows conclusively that a tub is better than a shower or vice versa. While soaking in a warm tub can feel luxurious, many people need only a quick shower. They step into a shower to wake up in the morning before taking off for work. It is the decision of each person when they search for a home.

A couple may have different ideas about what they need. One person may want only a shower while the other person insists on a bathtub.


One-Bathroom Condos or Houses

A one-bathroom condo or even a small house often has the same tub-shower combination found in the average apartment. The tub shower is usually up against the wall. This is utilitarian and gives people an opportunity to shower or bathe or both in one enclosure. But, many people want to change this standard and often boring bathroom.

You may have room to expand the walls to include a separate stall shower along with a smaller soaking tub. The newest trend is a wet room, that has the shower and tub inside a glass enclosure.  Consider that bathroom design option. Another compromise is the more attractive freestanding tub; these can be heated also!  Make sure there is a handheld hose shower unit.

Newer clawfoot tubs can also be installed to turn your small bathroom into a spa. The tubs are designed for comfort with different options available for plumbing fixtures. This can include the handheld shower unit.

The jetted tub is a luxurious option. A walk-in bathtub is another option. The tubs should have a handheld or wall-mounted shower head for maximum value.


Two Bathroom Homes or Apartments

Your home may have two bathrooms. This includes the large bathroom with a tub and a shower along with a half-bath that has only a sink and toilet. You may have a three-quarters bathroom that includes a shower.

If you want to remodel a main bathroom or a master bathroom by removing the tub and installing a larger shower, try to install a tub in the smaller bathroom if there is room.  This may involve moving walls or using closet space to expand the bathroom. 

If you decide to remove the tub and install a larger shower, there are many elegant new showers available that include spigots set at different levels. Or, your new shower can have two shower heads. There are walk-in showers, steam showers, and adjustable rain shower heads.  Add a bench for additional comfort.

This design will also improve the value of your home. But, you may still need a bathtub in another bathroom to make your home more marketable when you are ready to sell it. If you are staying long term, let the new homeowners add a tub back in to suit their lifestyle.


The Master Suite

Many newer homes come with a master bathroom that is part of the master bedroom. This may be the room that sells the house if it has all the amenities including both a freestanding tub and shower. Consider a remodel to bring the master bathroom up-to-date for maximum value for your property.

Newer homes with a separate master bathroom often have another full bathroom with the standard tub shower combination. You may decide to modernize that bathroom.

Contact us at Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio in Burlington, MA for great ideas to make your bathroom more enjoyable. Visit our website and download our free Bathroom Planning Guide. This includes information on countertops and floors along with tubs and showers.

We will work with you to find the best fixtures for your remodeled bathroom that will improve the value of your home.

bathroom planning guide

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