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Which are the Best Interior Designs for Small Kitchens?


Small kitchens are a unique architectural challenge. How does one fit all the kitchen essentials and necessary cooking space into a tiny room?

The smaller the kitchen, the more creative your design must be for both aesthetics and a functional space. The original builders of your home did their best, but there are always improvements to be made.

If you are remodeling or just redesigning your small kitchen, what are the best interior design tactics?

Let's dive into the top interior designs that are great in a small kitchen.


1) Task Lighting and Shelf Lighting

Making your small kitchen enjoyable is all about efficient use of the space. That includes lighting.

A spotlight or cabinet-underside light can illuminate each task station in the kitchen so you can use the space to it's fullest. Lighting that illuminates each shelf is similarly useful and also visually compelling.


2) Open Shelves or Shallow Cabinets

The standard depth of kitchen cabinetry matches the depth of dishwashers and stoves. But we also rarely use the far reaches of cabinet shelves. Make more use of your shelf-space by pushing the cabinetry back. There are two methods.

Open shelves remove the cabinet frame, giving you both physical and visual access to your shelf storage. Open shelves also clear your upper-kitchen airspace, making the whole room look and feel bigger.

Shallow cabinets or shelves literally take up less space. Upper cabinets and spaces not between two appliances can be 2/3 or even half as deep, giving you square-feet of floor space and surface workspace back.


3) Advanced Storage Carpentry

Make better use of the storage space you have. Use fine carpentry and modern injection molded storage fittings.

Just as the silverware tray multiplies the use of a kitchen drawer, shelves and baskets and racks turn your small kitchen's cabinetry into a tightly-packed warehouse of supplies.

One image search for pantry organization will reveal some of the most elaborate carpentry and installed storage hardware imaginable - and it's possible in almost any home.

Pick your favorite and best-fitting storage designs and have them installed in your small kitchen to maximize its use.


4) Fold-Out and Slide-Out Surfaces

You can also make your small spaces more versatile with a few simple hinges and drawer-tracks. Add a counter or cutting-board surface that extends from the end of one counter.

Create a fold-out countertop door, similar to an old-fashioned diner bar. Turn your corner cabinetry into a spinning lazy-susan style storage.

With hidden and sometimes-out surfaces, you can fold a tiny kitchen into a much bigger workspace while temporarily blocking pathways for more countertop or bar surface instead.


5) Hooks and Hanging Storage

Interior design can help you make more use of otherwise-ignored spaces. Consider the sides of your cabinets and the space above your sink for hanging storage.

Mounted racks or just a few side-hooks can transform your quick-access design in the kitchen. Hanging your essentials can transform your kitchen apperance and workflow at once.


6) DIY Pantry Outside the Kitchen Space

If your kitchen doesn't include a pantry-space or your pantry is too small - build your own.

Choose a shelf or a stand-alone cabinet and a space that is conveniently close to your kitchen. It could be the hallway, laundry room, or the entry to your living space.

Just claim a space and make it into a well-organized pantry -even if one wasn't built for you.


7) Mirror Tiles Enlarge the Visual Space

Finally, don't forget the power of mirrors. you don't need silver-backed glass mirrors to make your kitchen beautiful. Mirror panels and even stick-on mirrored contact paper serves to reflect both light and the entire room space. A mirror in the right place can make your kitchen look and feel double the size, even if you're still working in the same space.


Are you having serious thoughts about remodeling your small kitchen? We can help! Contact us today to implement these great small kitchen interior designs.


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