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The 2021 Kitchen Trends That Will Sell Your House

Kitchen Trends

Many homes are built around their kitchens. Open plan or multi-room, the kitchen is the center of family life and is designed as an interior centerpiece for the entire floorplan.

This is backed by the many homebuyers who house-hunt with primarily the kitchen features in mind. To increase the value of your home, the kitchen remodel, therefore, is often your most important design and upgrade choice.


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Replacing old appliances with new appliances is a good selling point, as is refinishing the kitchen to remove signs of wear and tear. But how can you strategically upgrade a kitchen so that it wows modern buyers and inspires them to lay down a good offer on the entire house?

Let's dive into the kitchen trends that will sell a home in 2021 and 2022.


Pantry Organization

Right now, organization is taking center stage in the Home and Garden and Pinterest spreads on luxury kitchens. Organizers built into the pantry and drawers are all the rage. No one likes rummaging through deep, unlit shelves and –lately– we've all been recently reminded of the value of a well-stocked pantry.

Shelf lights and built-in organized storage are a great addition to kitchens today. Want the design to be flexible? Use inserted drawer organizers and make your pantry shelves re-arrangeable to the buyer's delight.


Cabinet Door Upgrades

You don't have to fully rebuild cabinets to completely reinvent their look and feel. Just remodel, refinish, or replace the cabinet doors. Cabinet door upgrades are hot right now with many styles to choose from.

Mesh and metal-grate cabinet doors are an interesting variation on the classic glass insert. Frosted glass (and plastic) also look beautiful when you light the inside of your cabinets to better illuminate the contents.


Invisible Kitchen Trend

The most surprising kitchen trend of 2021 is the invisible kitchen. This trend embraces technology explored in tiny home and hotel suite design - a kitchen that disappears to share its floor space for other activities.

Kitchens are being built behind fold-away cabinet doors or with stoves and sinks subtly covered with alternate surfaces. For a DIY renovation job, a few large cabinet doors could transform a small home into a beautiful convertible space using the invisible kitchen trend.


Hidden Kitchen Widgets

Kitchen widgets have long been debated in home-selling value but clever solutions are hot right now. Especially if they are hidden. Hide a mixer arm inside a lower cabinet and install the corner cabinet as a lazy-susan spinner instead.

Tuck a pasta arm by the sink or build a fold-out step stool under the tallest cabinets. Hid the trashcan in a hamper door or even design a pet hutch under the island.


Mixed Metal Fixtures

Mixed metals are considered both bohemian and elegant in today's interior design trends. The key is to choose a metal palette with a primary metal finishing and accent finishes to lace into your kitchen design.

Warm metals like copper, bronze, and brass are especially popular and mix well with the bright classic finishes of silver, nickel, and gold. Find elegant new faucet and handle fixtures, light fixtures, and drawer pulls that create that lovely mixed metal impression for the modern buyer to find stylish and form-freeing.


Contrast and Darker Kitchens

Darker kitchens are coming into style with dark sapphire blues, charcoal, and black paint is surprisingly popular for kitchen cabinets today, including washable blackboard paint.

Black paint is a bold choice in a home sale but grays can make a beautiful and striking kitchen design that fits the moodier trends of modern buyers. If your kitchen is already suited to a darker cabinet hue, consider that dark and high-contrast kitchens are hot right now.


Contact us today to consult on your home renovation plans to make your home more enjoyable and boost your property value with every upgrade and detail.

kitchen planning guide

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