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The 5 Best Products to Buy for a Bathroom Remodel in 2023

Best Products to Buy for a Bathroom Remodel

Do you want to remodel your old bathroom? According to a recent survey conducted by House Method, 27% of homeowners remodeled their bathrooms in the past year.

Installing one of the easiest swaps, like a tap, can take a long way to make your bathroom a stunning sanctuary.


We have compiled the five finest bathroom products for your upcoming remodeling in 2023. 


1.    Grohe 310 Smart Active Head Shower

Nowadays, showering is not only a cleansing ritual but can also be an emotional experience if you purchase the Grohe 310 active shower. The shower resembles a luxury hotel-style shower from a visual perspective; even so, it is controlled remotely. Your old-fashioned shower does not need to be reconstructed; instead, you can attach the modern shower to your existing one.

The shower comes in round and square shapes to make it look cool. You may select a pure or active rain spray pattern depending on your preference. In addition to being soothing, this modern shower immerses you in luxury.


2.    DXV Belshire Freestanding Soaking Tub

Each DVX piece has been designed to bring beauty and sophistication to the bathroom. The DVX Belshire freestanding soaker tub is no exemption. The tub has been meticulously designed to bring your inspiration to life. Below are its features:

•    It has a unique faceted design with sloped lumbar support
•    It features a polished drain cap.
•    It allows the installation of the satin brass faucet.
•    The soaking tub is 16 inches deep.


3.    Kohler Corbelle Comfort Height Toilet

A well-made toilet is critical for every household. The Kohler Corbelle comfort height toilet is a smart choice for any bathroom size. The toilet is also easy to clean, its flushing action is powerful, and it also comes built with a chair-height bowl.

Other features include:
•    Ergonomic design
•    It has a broad selection of colors
•    It is a two-piece toilet
•    It has an elongated bowl that offers more comfort
•    There are 360 revolutions in flushing technology that keep the bowl clean for an extended period.


4.    Sarona Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Faucet

Bathroom taps are like the icing on the cake in your bathroom. Sarona farmhouse bathroom sink faucets transform your bathroom into a fantastic work of art. The Sarona faucet isn't just about controlling the water; its distinct design and earthy finish make it worthwhile.

Some of its other features include:

•    It can blend into almost any decor (traditional/contemporary)
•    You can get hot and cold water using the same handle
•    Easy installation 
•    It is easy to clean


5.    Resource Furniture Mirror

The resource furniture mirror is designed to fit in almost any bathroom. It is nearly five feet in length. It also has LED backlights available in white, warm, and RGB colors. In essence, it adds refined elegance and ambiance to your bathroom. Your spouse can help you choose between the metal frame with imprinted finishes and the silver/ gold leaf. By default, this mirror features one of the best Italian craftsmanship. You can never get it wrong if you place this decorative piece in other parts of your house, like the living room.


Do you find it challenging to decide what design to use when renovating your bathroom to complete your dream home? Our in-home consultations can alleviate any further stress associated with decision-making. With over 30 years of commercial and residential design, we can help you solve any design problems. 

Contact or connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn. Our team is on standby to assist you in achieving the bathroom of your dreams.

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