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The Best Time to Buy a Stove

best time to buy a stove

Most of us rely on our kitchen appliances so much that it's almost shocking when they ever fail. Even though it disrupts your rhythm, it can be seen as an opportunity to upgrade not just the equipment but your comfort and style as well.

Each year, kitchen-appliance manufacturers innovate their products in ways that cut down on their utility footprint and save valuable time with new features and designs that make them easier to use and clean.

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What busy families and hardworking professionals couldn't use that? Read on to discover the best time to buy a stove, and what to look for according to your needs.


Ruling Out Basic Maintenance

Before you rush to find the latest and greatest stove, how do you know when the time has come to replace it? First, you should eliminate the possibility that your stove just needs some maintenance or cleaning.

  • Clogs from spills can block the openings for the flames and are a common cause of poor burner performance on gas stoves. See if a good cleaning gets the burners working at full capacity once more.
  • The electrical system that the stove connects to could be the culprit if the power to the stove is inexplicably shutting off. A stove connected to an already overloaded circuit could be tripping a circuit breaker – and even be dangerous. If that's the case, you may need an electrician whether or not you get a new stove.
  • The terminal (often in the lower back corner, where the power cable comes out) of the stove could be burned or otherwise damaged. If you have any reason to suspect this, it may be the purview of an appliance repair service.
  • Heating elements and thermostats succumb to natural wear and tear and will need to be replaced after a long enough time. See if the element starts glowing red within ten minutes – if not, it could be as simple as replacing one or both of these parts.

As far as basics go, these tips should get you started if you suspect that your stove may just need some attention in order to function like new again.


When To Buy A New Stove

If you've ruled out maintenance needs – or just want an appliance upgrade – the time of year matters when it comes to stove inventory. (That goes for almost any major kitchen appliance.)

Whether you're looking for something top of the line or a great deal on a previous model, the best time to buy a new stove is at the end and beginning of the year. Because new stove models tend to be released in the winter, retailers are trying to clear their showrooms of their old inventory starting in the fall.

The best sales on slightly older models usually happen in the late fall and early winter when retail outlets anticipate their new inventory; as for brand-new models, these are usually on the market by December or January. It may be worth getting in touch with your favorite retailer early on, though, and see if they're taking pre-orders. Because the end of the year aligns with quarterly inventory and other financial reporting happenings behind the scenes, they just might be willing to offer deals even on new models – if you don't mind flexing some negotiation skills.

Similarly, a well-connected contractor in the area could have the buying power and repeat business necessary to convince manufacturers or local retailers to let one of their new units go for a better deal.


What To Look For in a New Stove

If all you're looking for is something to replace what was already serving you well, your choices are limited to stoves of essentially the same size (or at least width). That can save on research time and hassle, even though it means fewer choices. For some, they find that sudden new appliance needs precipitate long-held desires to remodel part or all of their kitchen – in which case, the sky's the limit!

If that's you, consider how a stove tucked cleverly into an island can preserve valuable counter-top real estate that creates a better all-around flow during elaborate cooking sessions. Upgrading to a stove equipped with a backsplash or range hood will cut down on cleaning time by preventing spills and splatters from going where they aren't supposed to. That's not to mention the obvious safety improvements of a more enclosed stove-top environment.

This just scratches the surface of stove and kitchen design possibilities. If you're serious about finding the right stove for your needs, you can save time and energy by reaching out to a local expert in kitchen-appliance installation and remodeling.


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Get more time and stress-saving kitchen maintenance tips from our blog – and if your Boston area home has any kitchen design needs, contact us for a free consultation and estimate today.

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