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Things to Consider During a Kitchen Remodel

Things to Consider During a Kitchen Remodel

You have done all the planning.  You have found the perfect designer.  Your construction crew is ready to go.  

So, do you just sit back and let the kitchen remodel happen?  If you are trying to get through a kitchen remodel as painlessly as possible,  here are some things you need to know:


Expect some inconvenience

If you set yourself up to expect smooth sailing during a remodel, you may be disappointed. 

There may be demolition, construction, inaccessibility, and extra people in your home during this phase.  If you plan for the inconvenience, it may minimize the disruption and leave you surprised with the result.

Since access to some appliances or features of your kitchen may be diminished, develop a plan B.  For example, outdoor cooking on the grill might be a great alternative to using your stove. 

Take out or dining out will minimize traffic in the kitchen as well as cleanup.  And for the short time, cut back on dishes with disposables.  You can get back to your "green" habits as soon as it the remodel is complete.  


Now is a great time to use that beautiful patio set.  Outdoor dining can be fun, romantic, or a great distraction from the remodel.  If you have one of those dorm-room refrigerators, move it to the patio or deck. 

Set up a coffee bar in the dining room or move the microwave to a spare bedroom.  Being near a water source is ideal.   Consider a cooler for cleaning dishes.  It can be drained with the plug that is already there. 

If your remodel is lengthy, consider purchasing a camp kitchen.  For around a hundred bucks, it has a small prep area, sink, and a faucet that you can hook to your garden hose.


Leave a little room in your schedule

We know.  Easier said than done, right?   There may be some delays beyond your control such as delayed deliveries or other unplanned setbacks.  But the key is to leave enough room in your schedule to accommodate the unexpected.   

Do not schedule a dinner party for the week you are scheduled to be finished.  And don't get ahead of yourself. 

Demolition can wait until  the replacement cabinetry and appliances are ready.  And hire and schedule contractors well in advance to avoid conflicts in work schedules.

And although flexibility in your timeline is necessary, having a schedule that is workable is also important.  Find out what the delays are, if there are alternatives, and find out the costs involved in the delay.


Sticking to your budget

Sometimes during a remodel, there are unexpected costs that cannot be avoided:  an unforeseen plumbing issue, an electrical problem that was well hidden.  Some of these things cannot be helped. 

But changing your plans at the last minute, change orders for the cabinetry, or upgrading appliances at  may seem simple enough.  But the hidden expenses involved with making simple changes may blow your budget out of the water. 

Before considering budgetary changes, consult your designer or contractor to see if there are additional costs involved.

The key to a successful remodel is working with a team you can trust.  We can help you achieve your dream kitchen and even help minimize the pain that may accompany a remodel.  Start by downloading your free Kitchen Planning Guide.  

Your beautiful dream kitchen can become a reality!   Contact us  to schedule a design consultation. 


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