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Upgrade Your Bathroom Cabinets with New Knobs and Pulls!

Upgrade Your Bathroom Cabinets

An attractive bathroom adds beauty and value to your home. Upgrade your bathroom cabinets with new knobs and pulls for a fresh look, even if you do not want a complete remodel.

Knobs are available from many sources to enhance your bathroom with a new, modern look or a classic design. The knobs and pulls come in different sizes and shapes to make subtle changes to any bathroom decor. They should complement your bathroom countertops and vanity along with spigots and other fixtures.


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Changing out your old knobs and pulls is a good way to start if a bathroom redecoration is under consideration. This is the first step in modernizing or enhancing the old bathroom without knocking out walls or installing new cabinets.

You can refinish or repaint cabinets for a new look with new drawer pulls and knobs. Or, you can simply change the look of your existing vanity and bathroom closets with more decorative knobs or pulls.

Knobs and pulls are adornments to the bathroom that are often overlooked, yet they provide that finished appearance.


Basic Hardware

Drawer and cabinet knobs and pulls are considered decorative hardware. They come in metals, wood, glass, ceramic, and plastic. Round knobs, rectangular bar pulls, angled bars, squares, diamond shapes, triangles, and ovals are just a few of the many available knobs and pull shapes to enhance cabinets. 

Metals can be copper, bronze, brass, chrome, gold-plated, pewter, nickel, and popular stainless steel, among others. They can have a satin finish, a brushed look, or remain shiny. Knobs and pulls can be beveled, faceted, or feature fancy designs. They can also remain very plain for an elegant minimalist decor.

The pulls and knobs are available at different prices depending on the size and quality of the product. They are available at home stores everywhere, or they can be ordered online.


Luxury Hardware

Stainless steel faucets and other fixtures may call for polished stainless drawer pulls or knobs, to carry through the design of your sink and countertop. Bronze or copper drawer knobs or pulls complement spigots and other fixtures in the same metal. The long classic comfort knob in Verona bronze allows you to pull out a drawer with two fingers under the knob. 

 A glass chandelier or one that looks like glass even though it made of synthetic materials will call for knobs in a similar material and design. Faceted glass doorknobs and cabinet knobs complement this elegant classic decor.

A ball-shaped white or blue glass bubble knob will add interest to any cabinet or drawer. They can complement luxurious lighting fixtures that feature round glass bulbs.

A bathroom with an aquatic motif can include brushed satin pewter knobs with a starfish. Glass or plastic and metal can be combined to create the elegant Crystal Lace drawer pull.

 An oval center ring drawer or cabinet pull is available in several sizes in simple shiny metals or fancy carved designs. The same pull style is also available in square and rectangular designs. This type of pull is attractive for storage closets and cupboards in small bathrooms.

Knobs and pulls are also made in floral designs. They can feature shells and real crystals. The sizes and styles are infinite. Many people enjoy shopping for these small and inexpensive accessories that will enliven a dull bathroom.


Redecorate or Remodel

Adding colorful towels and artwork along with new knobs or pulls helps to redecorate an old bathroom. Painting walls help as well. A complete remodel may include new sinks, bathtub or shower and vanity along with a commode.

Contact us at Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio in Boston for information on remodeling your old bathroom. We will bring your old bathroom from the last century into the twenty-first century. We will help you select the right fixtures, down to the finished drawer knobs and pulls for your cabinets.

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