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How To Choose the Right Bathroom Counter Tops?

Choose the Right Bathroom Counter Top

The bathroom is one of the most practical rooms in the house, and its appearance can make a significant change to the overall look of your home.


Among the key features that people consider during the redesigning process are bathroom countertops. But do you know exactly what to look for to end up with an aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom? 

Your bathroom countertops reflect your mood, which makes it important to be extra careful when picking countertops for this space. Agreeably, choosing bathroom countertops can prove daunting, and that's why we have provided a guide to help you in this task. 


Features you need to consider

While shopping around, it is helpful to have an idea of the vital factors that define good bathroom countertops. Here are the key features you need to consider: 


Durability – You need your countertops to last long enough, so be sure to assess the durability of your chosen type. Granite and quartz can be an ideal choice, but marble, soapstone, and concrete can also be good options. 

Design and color – Neutral and light colors help to create a soothing ambiance in your bathroom. Match your color of choice with the right lighting, and you are sure to get a vibrant aura in this space. Some colors you may want to consider here are gray, white, light pink, beige, and light blue.    

Veining patterns – Modern bathroom countertops tend to have a fine veining pattern as it helps to create a spontaneous appearance with less visible seams. However, you are at liberty to go for bolder veining if you aspire to achieve a dramatic feel in your bathroom. 

Countertop finish – In regard to this aspect, you can choose from three types of finishes: Honed, polished, and leather. A polished finish is preferable because of its anti-stain and non-porous properties. 

Cleaning and maintenance – The better you maintain your bathroom countertops, the longer they will last. It is recommendable to use a neutral soap solution for general cleaning. For porous natural materials, apply topical or impregnator sealers at least once a year.  


Types of bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops come in a variety of types based on material. Here are the top five you can choose from: 



Granite is arguably the most preferred choice of countertops, thanks to its versatility, durability, and exquisite look. Although relatively expensive, its unmatched functionality and ability to resist stains set it apart from other natural stones.

While here, remember to seal your granite bathroom countertops every six months to a year. Use clean and warm water to clean them, and avoid abrasive cleaners as they can scratch and dull the finish. Besides adding to the beauty of your bathroom, granite can help increase the resale value of your home.  


Manufactured quartz

Made up of 90 percent quartz material, manufactured quartz countertops are quite durable against dents and scratches. They also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easier for you to choose the color that compliments the rest of the house. The fact that manufactured quartz is easy to clean and maintain makes it more practical for bathrooms. 



Marble is an equally good choice if you are going for an elegant and plush look. You can choose to install white marble countertops to create a modern and luxurious theme. Although resistant to heat and scratches, marble is vulnerable to acidic solutions and stains. For this reason, you need to seal it at least once every year to maintain the glossy and fresh appeal. 



What makes quartzite an ideal choice is its low requirement for maintenance, durability, and beauty. You also get to choose from a selection of well-known brands, including Corian, Staron, Gibraltar, and Avonite. Having your quartzite countertop customized in shape, dimension, design, and veining can help in enhancing the overall theme of your bathroom. 



This material is the best choice if you want to give your bathroom a rusty and classic look. Its creamy white color makes it appear more luxurious, but you have to constantly oil it to maintain its beauty. Soapstone is durable and resistant to scratches. Also, since it is naturally non-porous, it is easy to clean and maintain. 



Transforming your bathroom to an aesthetically appealing relaxing space does not require much; just know how to pick your countertops the next time you think of remodeling it, and you can be sure to end up with a bathroom that you are proud of. 

Time to update your bathroom? We at Edesia Kitchen & Bathroom Studio can help you develop a bathroom that suits your taste. Contact us to get advice from our professional designers and remodelers. 

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