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Waterfall island Vs. Standard Island Kitchen Design

Island Kitchen Design

A kitchen is a place where the whole family fuels for the day and plays a big role during special occasions like get-togethers. As a result, the kitchen is known as the "heart" of every home. Today's kitchen is never complete without a kitchen island, whether a waterfall island vs. Standard Island.

The popularity of kitchen islands has recently grown as they offer extra spaces for casual meals gathering, cooking, second sink, and meal prepping. Kitchen islands also act as a decorative focal point of your kitchen. For example, your room can maintain an open concept as the kitchen islands remodel assist separate dining areas from big kitchens.

According to research, two-thirds of modernized kitchens incorporated an island. You can also utilize the islands to boost interest and depth to your old-fashioned kitchen. To break up overly matching colors, contrast kitchen island cabinet colors with perimeter cabinet.


Choosing Kitchen Island Countertop 

Waterfall design and standard design are readily available options when it comes to choosing a kitchen island countertop.

A waterfall design descends vertically down the sides, creating a constant flow to the floor, as opposed to the standard form, which is a single horizontal surface that stops at the island's edge. Read on to know more about Waterfall Island vs. Standard Island designs.


Waterfall Island Design

Waterfall Islands are among the top countertop trends today. With the islands falling over the edge like a waterfall, the countertops develop a complete, personalized look. To emphasize the trendy style, the edging is usually a flat-edge pattern.

 It's worth noting that most waterfall designs are made of stone, such as marble, granite, or quartz, rather than wood. A waterfall island uses more material, but also requires more perfection to match the texture and combine the edges where two slabs connect, making it more costly. The waterfall style is ideal for modern kitchens and does not go with all kitchen designs.




Waterfall countertops have a strong material that can't scratch easily. A waterfall island lasts long when used in kitchen remodeling.

Magnificent Look

Any modern kitchen fitted with Waterfall Island has an outstanding appearance. A waterfall countertop edge serves as the centerpiece of your kitchen.



Waterfall countertop designs are more expensive due to their materials. You may also cater to the CNC fabrication process fee.


Standard Island 

The traditional design for a kitchen island is a rectangular countertop slab that sits on cabinets and ends at the edge. Any style can be used for edging. Lower cabinet sides are usually painted to either blend in with or contrast with the perimeter cabinets according to kitchen design.

The countertops of a Standard Island can be made of any material. When compared to the wooden side of a cabinet, countertops are much more expensive. Standard countertops are a common design that many homeowners prefer.



Easy to Install

Standard island countertops are easy to install.


Standard island countertops are made of many materials. The standard island has numerous colors and designs.


Bottom Line

A study reveals that kitchen Islands are becoming popular, necessary, and functional in many homes, but the idea is to opt for the ideal island design for your kitchen. Waterfall Island vs. Standard Island solves the problem of functionality, storage, and display while beautifying your kitchen. Having a kitchen island comes with many benefits.

Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio boast 32 years of residential and commercial design experience with positive reviews from happy clients. We can help homeowners with solving their design problems when it comes to their dream kitchen design. Schedule a consultation today and meet with our specialist to talk about your kitchen project and learn more about kitchen designs.

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