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What are Some Decorative Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas?

Decorative Open Shelving

Having a decorative open kitchen shelf full of color will give your kitchen space an instant upgrade. In this guide, we cover some of the trending decorative ideas for kitchen shelves that will add more charm and vigor to your space.

From preppy-antique ideas to the modern farmhouse and contemporary designs, we've been keen to include some of the best ideas to match every style. Read along. 


  • Color and Pattern Mix

You don't have to stick to just one color or pattern for your kitchen shelves. There're numerous ways that you can add color and mix patterns to your shelves to make your space stand out.

From complimentary patterns to ancient designs, you have plenty of options to turn your island into a small paradise. If you fancy deep wood tones, create a down-to-earth country feel in your kitchen by applying an elegant olive-green island finish on your alder wood cabinets.

You can also give your space a designer edge by instead of settling for just two complementary patterns or colors you use three complimentary colors. Going with three shades will help distribute color throughout your space evenly. You can start with white since it's easy to pair it with stand-out primary colors and other neutrals.


  • Moody Hues

Try out moody hues if you wish to give your space an elegant style. You'd go with black to add this style, but if you prefer, a lesser stark, 'warmer' option, an almost black hue like the deep blue hues can be a good starting point.

Shed a whole light to your backsplash by painting your shelves in indigo blue. For a refreshing finish, incorporate matte to high-gloss finishes to ensure that indigo brings out the specific vibe you want in your space. For a more serene effect, be sure to pair indigo with purple shades.


  • Stand-out Backsplash

For a more modern look, lacquer can be an excellent option for your backsplash. It's not only durable but also available in a plethora of bold, colorful options that you can use to turn your space into a modern one. 

If you're indecisive, a turquoise option would also be a worthwhile option. You can just pick one preferred bold color and use it for the backsplash. You can also add different sculptural details like beautiful pottery and archway cutouts to enliven the shelves.


  • Mint-green Kitchen Shelves

Mint-green on your kitchen shelves is an exciting way to make the kitchen space airy, feel fresh, and bring in the outdoors. The mint green shade will work well on woody and white accents.


  • Dark Grey on Shiplap

Give your kitchen a spacious cottage-style and bright feel using gray shades on your shiplap. Apply decorative touches like cookbooks and plants to elevate the shelving if you're using a minimalist and spacey kitchen.


  • Live-Edge Shelving

If you're looking for a smart way to add a rustic look and feel in your kitchen, the live-edge shelving option is one you ought to consider. These shelves are made from slabs of wood that are left with some bark still intact.

The visible bark will not only add some warmth in the kitchen but also incorporate some rustic charm. The only downside of the live-edge shelves is that they're a bit more costly than the typical wood shelving. They'll, however, bring in an excellent upgrade to your kitchen space that would make it classier.


Are you Ready to upgrade your Open Kitchen Shelves?

The open shelves are an excellent option for increasing kitchen spaces to make the kitchen easy to use and more accessible. Nevertheless, having dull-colored cabinets would still make the space smaller and less-inspiring.

Upgrade your open kitchen shelves today with inspiring new ideas to give it a more charming feel that matches your personality.

At Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we help homeowners improve the quality of their homes by remodeling them to match specific tastes. Connect with us today to book an appointment.

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