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What are the Trends in Kitchen Design for 2021? - Part 2

[Continued from Part 1]


6) Darker Base Colors

A surprising kitchen design trend of 2021 is dark base colors. Dark walls, dark cabinets, and even dark countertop marble in the gray to dark charcoal range are considered somber and stylish. This may be an evolution of the dark accent wall trend and, in particular, the magnetic chalkboard paint trend that was hot in kitchen design last year.

Darker kitchen base colors bring down the light level and contrast the equally popular white kitchen design. A dark-base kitchen may feel smaller, but it will also feel quieter and more peaceful and can still sport that fun chalkboard accent wall.


7) Smart Pantry Storage Cabinetry

Simple pantry shelves are no longer enough for a modern and stylish kitchen. Why lose jars behind jars when you could have a tiered and organized pantry installation?

Pantry organization, sometimes called 'smart pantries' is a trend for detailed cabinetry, racks, shelves, and even spinning corner storage that ensures every inch of your pantry is in use and your items are far easier to find within.


8) Hardware-Free Cabinet Handles

Cabinets usually make use of hardware for handles and drawer pulls, but you don't have to. Subtle indents along the side of each cabinet door can allow for smooth cabinet surfaces and invisible hardware-free handles.

As 2021 drifts toward sleek cabinet design with clean lines and rich tones, we're seeing a prevalence in cabinets designed to open without the need of protruding hardware handles.


9) Cabinet-Concealed Appliances

The desire for clean lines in the kitchen has also extended to kitchen appliances. We're seeing a rising trend for appliances tucked into cabinets and drawers, out of sight until the appliance is needed and then back out of sight again.

Microwaves in cabinets and mini-fridges in drawers are increasingly popular just as more traditional style cabinetry is coming back into fashion.

Styles introduced by hotels are not becoming popular at home. Hotels commissioned special cabinetry to hide kitchenette appliances for better photographs. Today's homeowners are making the same choice to make kitchens seem smoother and cleaner without the clutter of appliances and the supplies stored next to them.

You can design special cabinetry around the appliances you want or find appliances to build into your preferred style and size of cabinets.


10) Built-In Utility Spaces in the Kitchen

Lastly is the multi-purpose kitchen design. Kitchens are often a central location for activity, plumbing, and washable surfaces. This makes it the ideal room to add a few extra utility spaces if you have the floor space.

Add cubbies and hooks for a mudroom near your kitchen side door. Or build part of your kitchen into a laundry room if you don't already have built-in laundry facilities. You can even build a dog wash by extending your kitchen plumbing.


Bonus: Streaming Kitchen

Since the pandemic, the number of people streaming their cooking experience from home has increased rapidly. If you want to host your own cooking show style meals and kitchen projects, then you can design your kitchen to be streaming-friendly.

Think about designing spaces that can support your camera angles, ring lights, and receiving microphones to host your own self-filmed online cooking show. There's a whole new way to design entertainer kitchens for a new online audience, and we've only seen the tip of this trend iceberg.


Planning a kitchen redesign with the latest kitchen design trends? We're glad to spotlight both the hottest trends and the best picks for your unique kitchen space.

Contact us today to talk about your kitchen design plans and how to work the latest trends into your modern kitchen experience. We look forward to making your trendy new kitchen into a reality you can enjoy every day after the project is complete.


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