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What is the Role of a Kitchen Designer?

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Modern kitchens pack a lot of functionality into a sleek, compact home space.  Everything you see on the surface is only the elegant endpoints connected to a network of wires, pipes, and hidden storage. 

You have plumbing for the sink and fridge. You have electrical wiring for lighting, powered nooks for built-in appliances, and outlets for countertop kitchen gadgets.

You have a detailed infrastructure of built-in cabinetry and countertops. The more features you want in your kitchen, the more complex the project becomes.

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This is where a Kitchen Designer becomes an essential member of your renovation team. A kitchen designer isn't just the primary rep for your renovation team, they are your big-picture pro who understands how every element of a kitchen remodel comes together.

Your kitchen designer makes sure your remodeled kitchen is safe, up-to-code, and as beautiful as you imagined.


Just What Is a Kitchen Designer?

When you work with a kitchen remodeling service to remake your home kitchen into something new and beautiful, you will likely be assigned a kitchen manager who will work directly with you to explore and finalize your renovation plans. But what exactly is a kitchen designer?

A kitchen designer is someone who can build a kitchen remodel plan from the literal ground up. From the flooring underlayment to the ceiling light fixtures and everything in between, a kitchen designer knows how kitchen design should come together. 

Your kitchen designer is part decorator, part plumber and electrician, and part construction manager. More importantly, they can predict what your plumbers, electricians, and surface design will need to accomplish to make your kitchen a reality.


What Does a Kitchen Designer Do For You?

  • Clarify and finalize your vision for a new kitchen
  • Determine the layout and materials your project will need
  • Draft the new blueprint for the kitchen, including electric lines and plumbing pipes
  • Schedule and organize the layered remodeling work, stating at the deepest layer
  • Make sure the final project is up-to-code and meets your expectations

In other words, your kitchen designer is the ring-master of your kitchen renovation so you don't have to be. They are the kitchen design pro that understands every aspect of kitchen design and ensures each aspect of the project is done correctly to create a sleek, efficient new kitchen design.

Putting Kitchen Remodel Experience to Use

What makes a great kitchen designer is experience. Most kitchen designers have seen dozens to hundreds of kitchen remodels and they understand the process inside and out.  You don't have to be an expert on the behind-the-wall elements of kitchen design or experience in remodel team management because your kitchen designer is on the ball.


Turning Your Kitchen Vision Into an Actionable Plan

The first step a kitchen designer takes is to consult with you, the client. You no doubt have a vision of what your kitchen to be experientially and visually. While your plans are surface-level, they have deep-reaching requirements for things like plumbing, electrical, and structural changes. 

You tell your kitchen designer that you want a second sink in the island, they figure out how to route plumbing to that location hidden by floor and cabinetry. If you say you want matching backsplash and floor tiles, your kitchen designer will help you find the right tiles and make plans for tile installation.

Even if you're not sure what you want exactly, your kitchen designer will help you identify your preferences and build a design that will delight you with every meal prepared in the new kitchen design.


Drafting the Blueprint and Project Schedule

From there, your kitchen manager will turn your finalized vision into a blueprint and action-plan. They'll re-map your kitchen for the new cabinet layout and appliances by determining where wires, pipes, and cabinetry need to be installed to make this come true.

They'll then turn this plan into a real-time schedule for work crews to complete your kitchen remodel as efficiently as possible.


Ordering Kitchen Remodel Materials

Your kitchen manager can also take over material ordering, often the most time-consuming and precise part of the process.

They will not only make sure you choose and order the right materials for the project, they'll also check the arrived materials for damage and accuracy before bringing them into your kitchen.


Managing the Remodel Project and Ensuring Final Quality

Lastly, your kitchen designer will oversee the progress of your project and make sure each day involves well-organized and high-quality work. With an eye for oversight, your kitchen designer will ensure every outlet is in the right place and every layer of structure installation is exactly right to support the next step of the plan.

With this careful supervision, your kitchen designer will ensure that your kitchen meets building codes and meets your expectations in both quality and beauty.


So what is the role of a kitchen designer? They are your personal advocate and expert to ensure your kitchen design comes out exactly the way you planned. They can hone your vision, turn it into a renovation action plan, and ensure that plan is enacted to produce the finalized kitchen you've been dreaming of. Ready to meet your kitchen designer and get started? Contact us today!

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