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What is the Role of a Kitchen Designer?

Role of a Kitchen Designer

There are several reasons for wanting to remodel your kitchen. Probably, you've moved into a new house, are renovating your home, or thinking of selling the house. 

Remodeling gives your kitchen a new look and makes it aesthetically appealing.  Kitchen remodeling requires a professional kitchen designer's services, but probably you may not have an idea what one does when you hire them.

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A kitchen designer ensures the kitchen area is functional and more efficient as directed by the kitchen owner. Unlike an interior designer, the kitchen designer is specialized and understands appropriate kitchen design, material, and technology.

In this article, you'll discover more about a kitchen designer's role and what to expect when you hire one. No doubt about it, I believe you'll find this information helpful as you look for the best kitchen designer for your kitchen.

So, without much ado, let's get down to it!


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Roles of a Kitchen Designer

The kitchen area is one of the most important rooms in a house. Besides serving as where food is prepared, some open layout kitchens are family hubs.

This, therefore, means designing and building one should be left to professionals who understand the work. Below are the roles of a kitchen designer that you should be aware of when considering hiring one.


1. Gives On-Demand Profcorrectnal Opinion

Without the correct information, it's tough to make an informed decision. When you consult a kitchen designer, they'll assess your kitchen space and layout to determine what will work well. Based on the size, they'll advise on the appropriate designs for kitchen aesthetics.


The designer also gives appropriate advice on the materials that you'll need to revamp the kitchen. For example, there are a couple of layouts that you can try, but only when you have an idea of what you're looking for. Some examples include; L-shaped and U-sharped designs.

Sadly, you can't know all these by yourself, but it feels like a walk in the park with the help of a professional.


2. Complete Work as Per the Contract Guidelines

Before starting the work, you'll have a contract that defines expectations from both parties. As the kitchen owner, the designer will sign the agreement with everything he/she expects to complete within the contract period.

Usually, a professional kitchen designer should deliver work as per the contract requirements. Above all, they should put a smile on your face by exceeding your expectations. If by any means they provide sub-standard work, then it means they've failed at the job.

Some of the job responsibilities to look out for when you hire one include;

  • Lighting installation,
  • Flooring,
  • Paintworks,
  • Windows and door installation,
  • Countertops design and setup, and
  • Detailed furnishing

The list is long and mainly depends on the contract agreement. However, the designer's most important role is to ensure the work is completed on time and to your satisfaction.


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3. Budgetary Recommendation

After carrying out the assessment and giving professional advice, the kitchen designer should also develop a budget estimate for the project. Think about it! All these proposals need funds to be actualized, and without a sustainable budget, it may never happen.

Everyone can make a budget guess. However, a professional kitchen designer knows the total amount of money that'll go into the project. Remember, you want to have the budget estimate for one-time planning; therefore, getting the wrong information can be misleading.


Final thoughts

Finding the right person to remodel your kitchen is simple when you understand a kitchen designer's role. Most importantly, a kitchen designer ensures your kitchen area is functional and more efficient. For help with your kitchen design and remodeling, contact Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio now!

kitchen planning guide

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