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When is the Best Time to Buy a Stove?

Best Time to Buy a Stove

When is the best time to buy a stove? For homeowners planning a kitchen renovation, this can be an important question. 

Stove prices can vary by a few hundred dollars for the same model. You can catch those low-price opportunities if you know how - and when - to look.

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The good news is that the best time to buy a stove may come several times a  year when prices drop, so you can plan a kitchen renovation or stove replacement in any season with a strategic stove purchase. You can also buy your stove a few months ahead of time at the best price and store it until your renovation is ready.

Here are the six best times to buy a stove for a great price on your favorite model.


1. At the End of Each Month

Every month, stores and individual sales professionals have a quota to meet. This means shopping for an appliance at the end of each month will likely result in added attention and deal-making to make your purchase push quota a little further.

End-of-the-month shopping in commission industries like appliances will often result in end-of-month deal opportunities for buying a stove.


2. In the Fall: When Last Year's Models Go On Sale

New appliance models are often rolled out late in the year, between October and January. When this happens, new models of the previous year will go on sale. This makes late fall to mid-winter the ideal time to find your favorite new stove at a great discount.

Retailers are eager to move the previous year's models to make room for the new year's models. If you ask about display models and those dinged and scratched in a place you don't care about, you can get an even better deal.


3. During Major Holiday Sales

Major holidays always go hand-in-hand with appliance sales. The best holidays for buying a stove on sale are Independence Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday, but specific brands and local retailers will have their own holiday and sales calendars.

Find sales near you or with your favorite online brands and take advantage of the closest holiday appliance discounts to your scheduled kitchen upgrade.


4. When There is a Good Rebate

Rebates are when the manufacturer (not the seller) will give some of your money back if you send them a letter. Rebates have, in the past, been hard to claim but often worth the compensation.

Today, online tools make it simple to claim a rebate from any recent purchase. This means that, finally, a rebated stove might actually cost a few hundred dollars less when you can easily complete the rebate claiming process.


5. When Your Favorite Model is On Sale

Naturally, if you have your eye on a special stove that would be the perfect upgrade in your kitchen, watch its price. Appliance prices rise and fall even when the root cause is not always clear.

This year, there may be a rise and fall in your favorite appliance price when the cause is not clear. By watching for that price drop, you can catch sales you'd have never heard about, and perhaps just in time for your renovation.


6. Catch an Appliance Bundle Deal

If you are upgrading your entire kitchen, don't forget about bundle deals. Manufacturers and retailers are both often bundling entire kitchen sets like a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher bundle at a combined discounted price.

Bundle deals make a great time to buy a stove for your kitchen upgrade because you can upgrade the whole kitchen at once.


When is the best time to buy a stove? When the prices are low and the stove will arrive in time for your kitchen upgrades. These qualities can be reached through many routes and calendar dates throughout the year. For more on savvy design choices and professional kitchen upgrades, contact us today.

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