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When is the Right Time to Invest in an Interior Designer?

Invest in an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is an investment. You are investing in the beauty, form, and function of your home. 

An interior decorator can help you make the most of your space, enhance your natural architecture, and reinvent the purpose and function of each room you work on together. Of course, if interior designers worked for the cost of furniture alone, we'd hire designers for every room of every home.

Who doesn't want to live in a magazine-spread house? In reality, the time and skills of an interior designer (and their team) are worth quite a bit so that each design is an investment planned carefully ahead of time.


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For most homeowners who are thinking about hiring an interior designer but aren't sure if the price is right, let's talk about investment. The right time for an interior designer is when the investment is at its peak value to you. An interior designer pays for themselves if the home's value and selling potential increased. A design covers its own costs when you save on a venue by hosting events in your gorgeous home.

Let's explore some of the best times to invest in an interior designer to see the most joy and value from your redecorating budget.  


1. You are Already Investing in a Home Renovation (and it Must Be Perfect!)

Are you already planning to renovate your home? Whether you're replacing fixtures or knocking down walls, interior designers have the insight you need to make your renovations really count both for function and beauty when they're complete. This might be the perfect opportunity to install new features like wall niches, lighting, and molding beyond the usual limits of interior decor.

Invite your interior decorator into the renovation plans. Their vision and the work they do will increase the value of your renovation improvements, and leave you with a breathtakingly beautiful home when the project is done.


2. You are Reinventing the Home Without Renovations

An interior decorator is also worth the budget if you are saving on renovations. Let's say your living room feels cramped and unwelcoming. While you might take out the wall between it and the kitchen (a fun open-plan renovation to say the least) you can also hire an interior designer to help reinvent the living room with artwork, lighting, and furniture that makes the most of the space.

What you spend on furniture and your interior designer's expertise, you are likely saving on the far larger costs of making actual structural changes to your home. If your house feels light, airy and inviting when the decorating is done, your investment has been a success.


3. You are Staging Your House as a Vacation Rental Home

Are you transforming your house (or a part of your house) into a vacation rental? Airbnb, VRBO, and other shared hosting platforms make it possible to open your home, guest house, vacation home, or in-law suite to traveling guests. The best way to make a rapid profit from vacation rental is to design a beautiful home or guest space that makes your guests feel like they have escaped to a luxury vacation.

Interior design is a valuable investment as part of your vacation rental business, whether you are renting one space or have several properties turned to the purpose. Homes with a unified design theme and beautifully balanced decor win more bookings and glowing reviews afterward. Your design costs will ROI in a few months to a year with a fair pace of guests booking your design-perfect space.


4. You are Hosting a Very Important Event

You may be hosting an important family or professional event in your home and want every detail to be perfect. A backyard wedding, for example, is a wonderful way to save money on a venue, keep the ceremony close and loving, and make the most of your beautiful house.

An interior designer can help you prepare your home to look its best for this special event and leave you with lasting designs that will make your home more beautiful and comfortable for years after the design and event are both complete.


5. You are Staging Your House to Sell for Top-Dollar on the Market

Sometimes, interior designers are hired as part of the staging effort to sell a beautiful but complex house. Larger homes with multiple family rooms are valuable on the market, but it can be tough to help buyers envision their future life in your space without the help of staging.

Staging is arranging furniture and decor in a home for sale to inspire buyers during tours and walkthroughs. Staging with an interior designer ensures that buyers will be left breathless and smiling while you negotiate for the best price on the market.


6. You are Redecorating as a Special Gift

Interior design may also be worthy of the investment if you are gifting the designed space to someone special. You might be gifting your grandmother with a beautiful home to make down-sizing more enjoyable. Or you might gift your sister with a nursery design to welcome her baby on the way. Creating a professionally designed space for someone you love is a wonderful way to invest in their happiness. 


Planning for interior design and renovation in your near future? Contact us today, we look forward to working with you.

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