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5 Kitchen Island Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen Island Mistakes

The kitchen island is the centerpiece of every kitchen. It's a place where everyone gathers to enjoy a delicious meal or a riveting conversation. Kitchen islands provide a multifunctional space that can be used for food prep space, additional storage, and a workspace. When designing a kitchen island, choosing the right place and size is essential to ensure your kitchen is functional and proportional. 

With extensive experience designing beautiful functional kitchen islands, we've had customers looking to rectify many kitchen island mistakes. Here are 5 kitchen island mistakes to avoid.

The Kitchen Island is Too Big

Since kitchen islands are at the center of every kitchen, they draw a lot of attention. As such, it can be tempting to make it huge and overpowering. However, an island that's too big can make your kitchen disproportionate and feel cramped.

We advise homeowners to have at least a 1-1.2 meters clearance around the island to allow ease of movement. If the kitchen is U-shaped, you may have to increase the clearance to about 10 feet to avoid feeling uncomfortable. An island isn't the best idea if you have a narrow kitchen less than 13 feet wide. 

The Kitchen Island is Too Small

When designing a kitchen, it's important to remember the many functions a kitchen island fulfills, including a space to work, food prep, eating, socializing, and storage.

Unlike in the past, cooking is no longer a solo activity, and many kitchens incorporate dining and socializing spaces. Hence a kitchen island needs to be large enough to accommodate all these functions. 

The Kitchen Island Lacks Power and Plumbing

While you probably don't need both power and plumbing to have a great kitchen island, it's a great idea to make it as efficient as possible. Homeowners tend to skimp on these options because they don't realize how important they may be to realizing the full functionality of the island. Interior design is continually becoming more modern and adopting conveniences for everyday life.

Power is essential because most kitchen islands are cooking spaces. The power source can also be used to plug in phones and tablets to either listen to music or view a recipe. Plumbing would be essential if you have a dishwasher or sink on your island. However, plumbing would add functionality to your kitchen and enhance the kitchen triangle. 

The Kitchen Island Lacks Good Lighting

The kitchen island is a focal point in your kitchen and therefore needs good lighting either above it or nearby. Over time, poor lighting can affect your eyesight and make your kitchen feel unbalanced. Like any other part of your kitchen, the kitchen island needs proper lighting. Research lighting options that complement your style, decor, and purpose of the island. 

Dimmable lights are a great option to suit different moods and ambiance when cooking and dining. 

The Island Has Too Many or Too Little Seats

Today's kitchens offer seating as a popular option since most of them have room for this feature. However, how much is enough? Most homeowners tend to overdo seating because they view the island as a table rather than an island. The island isn't a kitchen table. It's a space designed for extra storage, a workspace but not necessarily extra sitting.

Since most homes have dining rooms, everyone doesn't need a designated sitting spot on the island. The island allows for sitting as more of a hangout space or quick snacking instead of proper dining. 

Design Your Kitchen With Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio

The kitchen is, without a doubt, the beating heart of your home. Not only is it a place where delicious meals can be made, but it's also a place for great conversations, joy, and laughter.

At Elysia Kitchen & Bath Studio, we pride ourselves on being an award-winning kitchen designer in Boston, MA.  Whether it's a new kitchen or you're breathing life into your old one, we are here to help your dreams come true. Contact us today for your dream kitchen design. 


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