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5 Signs That You Need A Kitchen Remodel

Signs That You Need A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling is a big home improvement project, and you need to think and rethink, especially due to the costs and disruptions that tag along. 

You may don't want to take on a major kitchen renovation project unless you have some pretty good reasons to do so.

Nevertheless, the kitchen is the heart of any home remodeling is always worth the hassle. It will add the much-needed life and ambiance to your home.

From outdated design, cramped spaces, wear, and tear, to poor layouts, have a look at the following tell-tale signs that indicate that your kitchen is due for remodeling.


1. Inadequate Storage and Space

Do you have to scramble for counter space every time you cook? Is your kitchen storage space so full that you have to tuck away your kitchen items in other parts of the house? Most Boston kitchens lack enough prep and storage space, while the available space is poorly laid out, cramped and unorganized

If that is your case, then it is true, a kitchen remodel will expand your storage and counter space while creating space for your appliances and cooking gear.


2. Outdated Design

If your kitchen looks a bit bland and you are hoping the old green kitchen surfaces will bounce back into fashion soon, you'd better start thinking something else. An outdated kitchen makes your entire home seem like it's coming from the 70s show.

On the other hand, an outdated kitchen can pull down your home's value as kitchens are one of the primary areas that buyers look out for when shopping for homes.

You can consider facelifting your kitchen into a modern and aesthetic space using contemporary styles such as quality finishes, new cabinetry and shelving, worktops, modern floors, fresh backsplash, and new appliances.


3. Poor Kitchen Layout

A poor design/layout hinders the functionality of your kitchen and does not fit the users. It makes cooking or entertaining your guests difficult and potentially dangerous.

For example, your oven may be too far from the countertops or your cooker too far from the fridge. When this is the case, you may have to walk back and forth too many times during cooking and, worse still, bump into people while you are at it.

Sometimes it is not the size or the square footage of your kitchen. Wise management of your kitchen space helps to achieve a smooth workflow and traffic. Carefully evaluate how you use your kitchen and contact a kitchen designer to help you choose a functional kitchen layout.


4. Kitchen Wear and Tear

If you gave up using the chopping board or something always seems to be leaking, this is an indicator that your kitchen is no longer a well-maintained space and is in dire need of some quick remodeling.

Leaking water from your sink or appliances causes mold in both invisible and obvious areas. Mold damages your property and can also cause you and your loved ones significant health problems.

General fair wear and tear in any kitchen is unavoidable over time. However, if your kitchen shows serious signs of wear and tear, such as cracked tiles, broken cupboard doors, worn flooring, and faded finishes, then it's probably time to remodel your kitchen.


5. Changed Lifestyle and Needs

Your circumstances and lifestyle will change as you move through the different stages of life. For instance, the kitchen that served you ten years ago may no longer fit your lifestyle and needs. Maybe you now with your partner, and the kitchen feels smaller, or perhaps you want to start to entertain guests, and the kitchen is quite far from the dining area.

You may also need more space if more kids are on the way. On the other hand, if your children are leaving home (for college or marriage), you may need to adapt your kitchen spaces to other functions such as entertaining guests.

Consider updating your kitchen as your needs and lifestyle evolve. If your kitchen no longer supports or your lifestyle or meets your needs, then you need a kitchen remodel.


How We Can Help

Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio is your one-stop-shop for all your Kitchen and Bath design needs. We have unmatched expertise and experience spanning three decades, offering excellent design solutions in Boston, MA. 

We are the kitchen masters, and our comfort policy is anchored on the needs of our clients. We design kitchens and baths with your comfort in mind.

For more information or queries on your kitchen remodel project, feel free to contact us today, and we will be more than willing to assist.


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