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6 Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Save on Kitchen Remodeling Costs

There's nothing to make you feel like a whole new person than remodeling your kitchen. There are many ways to get the most out of your kitchen remodel, from fresh paint and new flooring to updated cabinets and appliances, without spending too much money on it. Here are six ways to save on kitchen remodeling costs:

1. Keep the Existing Footprint of the Kitchen

If you're building a new home or adding on an addition to your existing home, it's tempting to make the kitchen bigger than it needs to be and add extra storage space or even an eating area. But this will only increase your costs because it will involve more work adding those features. If possible, try to keep the footprint of your current kitchen intact so that it matches the rest of your home and requires less work from contractors.

2. Consider Not Changing the Plumbing

This seems like common sense advice, but many people change out their plumbing when they remodel their kitchens because they want something newer or bigger or different from what came with their house when they bought it. In some cases, this makes sense — if you have older pipes that need replacing— but it's just another expense that you can avoid in most cases.

If you decide to go ahead with a new sink or faucet, consider whether it would be worth it to pay extra for new plumbing. An easier way to save money is by installing new fixtures that use less water — especially if you have older fixtures that leak and wastewater every day.

3. Get Your Cabinets Refinished Instead of Replacing Them

While replacing kitchen cabinets is one way to save money on remodeling costs, refinishing them is another way to achieve the same effect without breaking the bank. Many people think that refinishing cabinets means painting them; however, many other options are available, such as adding crown molding or changing out the hardware.

4. Invest in Stock Cabinets

You don't need high-end custom cabinets if you can't afford them; instead, invest in stock cabinets. Stock cabinets are pre-made and can be purchased at a lower price than custom-made ones. They are also already assembled and ready for installation, which means your contractor will be able to install them faster and more efficiently than if they had to build them from scratch.

5. Prioritize Manufacturing Materials that will Last

If you're planning to make significant changes to your kitchen, such as replacing cabinets or flooring, take the time to research which materials are the most durable and long-lasting. For example, laminate countertops may seem like a cheap option, but they don't hold up well over time. So unless you plan to replace them every year or two (expensive), it's better to invest in natural stone or granite counters instead.

6. Use Reclaimed Wood for Countertops and Floors

We love the look of natural wood surfaces in kitchens, but they can be pricey. We recommend using reclaimed wood when renovating your kitchen — it will give you the natural look you want without breaking the bank. Reclaimed lumber comes from old buildings and other structures that were torn down. It has been preserved with a clear finish, so it looks brand new once installed in your home.

In addition to the above ways to save on kitchen remodeling costs, consider using professional interior designers to help you with your design plan. Interior designers are experts at designing both functional and beautiful spaces, which means they can help you create a space that will last for years and save you money in the long run.

Whether you're looking to renovate your kitchen or spruce it up a bit, Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio is here to help you. We will help you save on kitchen remodeling costs while ensuring that your project turns out beautifully. Contact us today, and let's help you make your home beautiful without breaking the bank. 

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