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The 8 Steps to Achieving Symmetry and Balance in Your Kitchen Design

Symmetry and Balance in Your Kitchen Design

Do you like balance and design? Do you want to practice that in your kitchen? A kitchen is one of the busiest and most significant rooms in your home that is constantly in use all day. 

Apart from making and eating meals, your family spends ample time in the kitchen playing games or kids completing their homework on the kitchen counter.

A well-balanced kitchen offers you and your family a sense of security and relaxation. To achieve this, you need to maintain symmetry and balance throughout your kitchen. Balance makes your kitchen space enjoyable, relaxing, and neat by making everything fall in place.

Here are 8 ways to use symmetry and balance to complete your kitchen design;


1.    Find Your Anchor

To achieve symmetry and balance, you must first pinpoint a pivot point to focus your attention and anchor the kitchen. It could be a sink, cooker, or dining table at the center of the room.

Every other object in the kitchen should blend and work around your point of focus.


2.    Lighting

To balance your overhead fixtures, consider replacing single off-center fixtures with a prominent center fixture or two evenly spaced and matching fixtures to add balance to the kitchen.

For a kitchen with a large window, you can balance the lighting using mirrored tiles or hanging a mirror or the other end for a backsplash effect opposite the window.


3.    Space & Scale

Avoid predictable and boring looks in the kitchen when using uniform-sized decor pieces. Many large decor pieces appear domineering and overbearing, while small pieces come across as busy and chaotic.

Go for big and small-scale decor pieces to create a balanced appearance. You can use large pieces of furniture to draw away attention from the asymmetrical spaces, which works to your advantage. 

Consider spacing your furniture to derive a harmonious look in the kitchen while keeping the negative spaces asymmetrical. Think of your furniture in terms of visual weight and not the actual size.


4.    Keep Your Seating Balanced

The kitchen bar or island serves many purposes and is not limited to cooking. It's where you hang out with guests and kids or complete your homework.

To keep it balanced, opt for two to three matching bar stools that are evenly spaced. When you have company, it goes a long way in creating a symmetrical appearance illusion.

5.    Shelving and Storage

Shelving and storage space is essential in the kitchen. You need ample room to store food and cutlery and small appliances to avoid messy kitchen counters. Balancing your shelving and storage makes the units appealing.

If you need a shelving unit or a pantry on one corner, consider adding a similar one on the other end. Having two increases your storage space while adding symmetry to your kitchen. If this doesn't work out, consider using similar cabinets to keep the kitchen balanced.


6.    Color & Texture

Color and texture are essential in creating symmetry in your kitchen. To achieve this, avoid materials or shades with random pop colors. For example, pair an oak dining table with oak cabinets or brushed steel dining chairs with brushed steel kitchen appliances. Pairing texture and color creates harmony and a relaxing sense of oneness while making your kitchen visually appealing.

7.    Pay Attention to Lines

Imagine your kitchen as a grid made of horizontal and vertical lines that you can use to your advantage to influence the visual looks. Symmetry lines running from the ceiling to the floor and long curtains heighten the room while creating an enhanced sense of space.


8.    Break The Rules    

It's never good to go overboard to achieve symmetry and balance. For a kitchen to be aesthetically appealing, symmetry and asymmetry are needed. The kitchen is home to an assortment of asymmetry accessories and cooking appliance elements that complement the symmetry elements. 

The act of rebellion makes your spaces more visually attractive while adding character, depth, and vibrancy to your kitchen.


Do you want to redesign and complement your kitchen with symmetry and balance? Schedule a call or consultation today. View our projects or download our planning guide and get started with a remodel. We are tried and tested award-winning kitchen designers in Boston, MA. 

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