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Top 8 Decorative Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Open shelving is one of the top trends in kitchen design. These shelves aren't just highly efficient and appealing. 

They have tremendous decorative potential. If you want your remodeled kitchen to look fabulous yet unique, consider these top open shelving ideas.

1. Rustic Wood Addition

Whether your kitchen is modern and glamorous or traditional and subtle, rustic wood open shelves can spice it up. Modern kitchens could use a little toning down while traditional space needs a little zest.

Wooden open shelves are usually minimalistic so they don't draw too much attention. However, they are special enough to add the much-needed accent to any kitchen.


2. Use Small Spaces

If you have tiny wall space between a wall and a cabinet or between a window and the kitchen hood, use it! Small open shelves are an excellent way to add storage space while giving you an opportunity to decorate your kitchen.

Open shelves look perfect when you need to use corners. Installing cabinets there gobbles up space without providing usable room for storage.


3. Functional Space Above the Sink

The space above the sink is terribly underused. If you hang a cabinet there, you are likely to bang your head while cooking or washing dishes. Open shelves serve a double purpose of storage and decorative space. Meanwhile, they give you sufficient room to do kitchen chores.

Above-the-sink shelves are great for storing spices, cookbooks, wine glasses, and various decorative elements.


4. Go White

The white color looks amazing in kitchens. However, it may be tough to keep spotless. So if you are a little scared of an all-white space, consider adding white open shelves. The amount of cleaning is minimal while the brightness effect is impressive.

By placing white open shelves near the window, you are doubling the impression of freshness and shine in your kitchen.


5. Create an Open Pantry

Pantries are an excellent place to store food. However, doors take up a lot of space. So consider using open shelves to create an exposed pantry. You can kill two birds with one stone: get extra storage room and add decorative elements to your kitchen.

To make the space even more impressive, consider investing in a set of stylish storage jars. They provide both decoration and functionality.


6. Use Asymmetry

The best part about open shelves vs cabinets is the ability to place them virtually anywhere. If you want to give your kitchen a truly unique look, go for asymmetrical open shelves. You can play around with dimensions to make these shelves both functional and decorative.

Place short shelves over long ones. Use different levels. Just let your imagination run wild and enjoy the results.


7. Take Full Advantage of Glass

There is no rule about materials your open shelves should be made from. So forget about standard wooden elements and go for glass. Glass shelves may be a little hard to keep spotless. However, they look truly glamorous and add brightness to the entire kitchen space.

Consider pairing glass with metal to give your kitchen a modern appearance.


8. Use the Unused

Your kitchen has a variety of spaces, which are hard to use for storage. Meanwhile, open shelves could look truly fabulous there.

Consider adding decorative shelves over the door, above the kitchen hood, on top of the window or even hang them from the ceiling. You could use these shelves to store rarely-used items or add decorative elements.


The Takeaway

Open shelving is an excellent way to make your kitchen stand out of the crowd. They double up as decorative and functional space while letting you express yourself.

For more trending kitchen remodeling ideas, please contact us today.  

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