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Kitchen Sinks: 5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Kitchen Sink

Buying a Kitchen Sink

When designing your kitchen, the sink is a critical consideration that can change the look and functionality of your kitchen.

But with several things to look at before making a decision, you might not be sure what type of sink is ideal for your kitchen. From style to material to function, here we break down what you should consider when buying a kitchen sink; 


Consider the material     

Kitchen sinks come in different materials, and your choice of material will determine the durability and the effort you will put into maintaining it. Check out some of the popular materials you can choose from; 

Stainless steel – They are popular due to their low price, easy to maintain, resistance to heat and stains, and sleek and modern appearance. Go for a higher grade of steel for durability.

Cast iron – They come in different colors and are easy to clean. Their only downside is that they are heavy, and you might need to reinforce your countertops and cabinets to hold the weight.         

Fireclay – They mimic traditional cast iron sinks but are resistant to scratches and chipping. They are durable since they are made from ceramic clay, which is heated under high temperatures. They are, however, relatively expensive. 

Composite – They are similar to stone sinks and are made from resin and quartz dust. They come in different colors and are easier to maintain. They are also durable and don't crack easily. 


Consider the size 

The size of a sink is contingent on your kitchen's size and the money you are willing to spend. If you have a small kitchen, you do not need a farmhouse-sized sink; a small sink, ideally 22 to 33 inches long, is enough. However, if your kitchen countertop can accommodate a bigger size, there is no problem going for a bigger sink. 

It is equally important to consider how often you intend to use the sink; if you are an avid cook, you will generally require a larger sink, but a small sink can serve the purpose if you cook once after a few days.


Choose between single and double bowl

A kitchen sink can be a single or double bowl, with the only distinctive feature being the division at the middle. A double bowl sink provides sufficient room to keep dirty dishes while giving you more space to use the sink, which makes the cleaning process easy. On the other hand, a single bowl sink doesn't have the divider in the middle but can be large enough to let you use the sink comfortably. 

A single bowl sink is ideal if you tend to wash big pans and pots in your sinks. It is advisable that you first consider how you usually use your sink so that you can pick the best for your kitchen. 

Choose a drop-in or under-mount sink

A drop-in sink basically drops in the counter, leaving a visible lip on top, while an under-mount sink rests beneath the counter, which gives it a seamless look. The latter is preferable because it maximizes the space on the counter, but you will have to cough out a little more dollars to have it.
Under-mount sinks are considered a higher value and can even help boost the resale value of your home. Regarding a drop-in sink, it is cheaper and easier to install and should be your option if your budget is tight. 


Determine if you will need to adjust kitchen cabinets

Cabinets serve as the foundation of your sink, and you do not want to purchase a sink that will overwhelm your cabinets. While looking for a kitchen sink, consider whether the cabinets will accommodate the depth and weight thereof. Some sinks can weigh over 100 pounds when filled with water, which can make a weak cabinet crumble. 


The takeaway  

Choosing the right sink for your kitchen will require you to make a few considerations so that you do not end up with one that does not serve your needs. The tips given here can guide you as you go about picking a kitchen sink that suits your needs and preferences. 

At Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio, we strive to offer the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to suit your personal needs. Contact us to experience our professionalism first hand!  

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