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Kitchen Essentials: 7 Key Things That Make a Great Kitchen 

 Great Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heartbeat of every home and is usually at the core of every family activity. Whether you are cooking, eating, cleaning, or entertaining guests, the appeal of your kitchen determines the overall feeling of your home.

It should be a space where no one minds spending their quality time.

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to kitchen designs due to personal preferences, there are some essential features you need to include to qualify it as a great kitchen.


They include:

1. Good Layout and Design

Your kitchen's layout and design impact both the outlook and the functionality of your kitchen. Your kitchen designer will ask you a lot of questions to find out how you intend to use your kitchen and your preferred appeal for your kitchen. 

The designer will then work with both aspects (functionality and appearance) to bring you an aesthetic kitchen that is easy to work in. For instance, they will leverage on a work triangle, a design tool that 'connects' your kitchen's main work centers: sink, refrigerator, and the cooker for optimal functionality.


2. Arrangement of Appliances

Kitchen appliances can be classified into two distinct groups. i.e., Built-ins such as dishwashers and cookers, or free-standing such as mixers, juicers, and food processors. When choosing your kitchen appliances, consider your kitchen style and how to match it with your chosen equipment.

You can consider a finish that complements your cabinetry color, such as black, white, or stainless steel. Whereas it is not critical to buy all your equipment from one manufacturer, it is the ultimate way to guarantee you a matching set with coordinated finishes, knobs, handles, and buttons. 


3. Sufficient Storage

Enough storage is a crucial feature for any fully functional kitchen space. Consider what you need to store and look out for storage options that work with your kitchen space's size and design. Carry out some research on space-saving designs like tall wall cabinets and pull-outs.

A kitchen designer will assist you in taking an inventory of the items you need to store and how you will use them in the kitchen. This allows you to carefully evaluate the best storage alternatives for your kitchen.


4. Worktops

The working area should feature a multi-purpose countertop for a wide range of uses. For instance, the kitchen countertop should be large enough to enable you to knead the dough for your favorite pizza or place your laptop on to catch a movie premiere as dinner simmers.

Islands are an excellent inclusion since they provide extra preparation and serving space, especially if you have some guests to entertain.


5. Layered Lighting

The ultimate kitchen features three major types of lighting. These layers of light incorporated together with natural lighting, bring you an ambient and functional kitchen. Your kitchen should have:

  • Task lights- to allow you to work efficiently and safely. They are usually installed over the cooker tops, above the counter/worktops or sinks, and underneath cabinets, precisely to help you see what you are doing.
  • Ambient lights- Also known as lights for knowing. They are lights to guide movement around your kitchen.
  • Accent lights- These lights highlight your favorite spots and equipment in the kitchen. They create an inviting and comforting feeling around your kitchen.


6. Durable Flooring

Tiles and laminate flooring are the popular alternatives for kitchen floors and for a good reason. Tiles are durable and easy to clean and are therefore a worthy consideration, more so if your kitchen happens to be a beehive.

You can also consider laminate flooring. It adds ambient warmth and an aesthetic feeling to your kitchen. However, this flooring is less durable and should be carefully sealed to avoid damage by liquid spills.

 It is an easy surface to clean and maintain. Consider talking to your kitchen designer and developing a great floor plan that is unique for your kitchen needs.


7. Easy to Clean Areas

Poor kitchen design can turn your kitchen into the dirtiest room of your home. It allows crumb, grease, and water to accumulate, thus creating hotspots for bacteria and germs. Look out for a kitchen design that features easy to clean counters and no deep/hard to reach areas. 


Who We Are

For the last three decades, Edesia Kitchen and Bath Studio, Inc has leveraged expertise to design superior kitchen spaces for both commercial and residential clients.

We don't design just for the sake of it; we design with your comfort in mind, and we have learned to esteem our clients above all else. For more information or queries about kitchen design and solutions, feel to contact us today, and let's bury your kitchen problems once and for all.


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