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Topic: Cabinet Ideas

Why the Placement of Your Cabinetry Knobs and Pulls Matters.

At a glance, most kitchens have the same cabinet knob placement designs. They are small, within reach, and generally make your kitchen easy to use....

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Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide.

When remodeling your bathroom, your choice in cabinets will shape your entire experience. Where you put your toothbrush, towels, and toiletries will...

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10 Pantry Design and Organization Ideas For Better Storage Spaces

Most household pantries consist of deep shelves in a shadowy closet. But as you probably know, this isn't the best way to keep your foodstuffs...

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Childproof Kitchen - Prepare When Renovating

Renovating your kitchen, there are some important choices to make. While you're thinking about sink fixtures and floorplans, you should also be...

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5 Ways to Keep White Kitchen Cabinets Timeless

Simple white kitchen cabinets are bright, cheerful, and make your kitchen look pristine. However, white can also feel a little stark on it's own....

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How To Keep Cabinets In Great Shape

If you have lived in a few houses, you know that not all cabinets last forever. You've likely seen ragged cabinets, sagging cabinets, cabinets with...

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4 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Rebuilding your cabinets is the ultimate power move when renovating your kitchen. It's not just about replacing the old particle board, though that...

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How to Properly Store Cutlery in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens make everything more challenging, especially storage of extra dishes and cutlery. Whether you have a big family or like to host, it's...

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5 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Large

If your home has a small kitchen, you're not alone. Tiny kitchens were the trend for decades, from little shotgun parallel kitchens to cramped Ls and...

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How to Shop For Under-Cabinet Lighting

Remodeling your kitchen breathes new life into your living space, but it is a significant undertaking, so you want to ensure everything is perfect....

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