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Topic: Organizing

How to Create a Laundry Room Schedule to Rock the New Year - Pt 1

Laundry is not something most people are naturally talented at. There's no genetic marker or ancestral skill that makes you great at pushing cloth...

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How to Find the Right Cabinet Style for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is defined by the cabinetry. The cabinets take up a large visual portion of your kitchen provides the canvas for the rest of your...

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The Kitchen Design Rule That Makes Life So Much Easier

You've likely heard of the kitchen work triangle, arguably the most standard kitchen design rule that makes life so much easier when it comes to...

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Tips to Create a Well-Organized Kitchen

No matter how spacious or quaint your home may be, kitchen space will always be a premium.

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10 Cool Upgrades for Customizing Kitchen Cabinets

Most homes are built with a 'default' design for cabinets: a few above, a few below, and room for the dishwasher.

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Smart Walk-In Pantry Storage Solutions

Most of us wouldn’t know what to do without our kitchen pantry! In fact, I am often asked to design one into a client's new space, which can be...

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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Perhaps you want to remodel your kitchen to gain storage space, but not is just not the time. My friend, Eileen, from Simplify by Eileen, has...

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