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What Kitchen Style Do Americans Prefer?

Kitchen Style

Moving forward into the 2020's calls for some changes in preferred kitchen styles. The days of kitchens and dining rooms and living rooms all blending into one great room are ending as homeowners now want to use their kitchen as a kitchen, separate from the rest of the house. 

Open shelving is replacing a lot of closed cabinetry. Bold colors replace the all-white aesthetic of the past decade, and many homeowners bring in unusual materials, such as brick and metal.


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Keep reading to learn more about the current kitchen style trends in America.


Modern/Contemporary Style

Americans like their kitchens to be fully functional and easy to use. This means less fussiness in the details.

The modern style is all about sleek and simple. Countertops and tables are often made of simple, natural materials, such as wood and stone. The color scheme may include a bright, bold color, but combined with neutrals, so as not to be too overwhelming.

Some people use the terms modern and contemporary synonymously, and others make the distinction that contemporary is really a mix of modern and minimalist. Contemporary kitchens feature sleek straight and curved lines, overall harmony, and a high level of functionality


Farmhouse Style

What's not to love about the farmhouse style? Open shelving, wooden countertops, welcoming color schemes.

A farmhouse kitchen is a cozy room with some unexpected elements, such as vintage knobs, reclaimed wood shelves, brass pot racks to display your copper kitchen tools, and cute fabric sink skirts beneath your big farmhouse sink



A rustic kitchen is similar to farmhouse, but it includes even more natural elements. Rough textures replace the sharp lines. You may include brick or stone in your kitchen decor.

For example, a brick backsplash is a great way to be rustic and on-trend without making your kitchen look like it should have a nest in the rafters. Speaking of ceilings, the kitchen ceiling is often considered your fifth wall.

Using the ceiling to express your rusticity might mean exposed wooden beams in your kitchen. Hang some interesting pendant lights for warmth and style. How about a chandelier made of antlers?



Which style best represents American kitchens? We'd have to say that Americans like to be eclectic. This means we combine styles to suit our personal tastes. There are no limits to what you can do with your kitchen!

Do you like the warmth of a farmhouse kitchen and the simplicity of a contemporary style? Then, you might put up some open shelving, create a minimalist, highly-functional design, and install an apron-front sink.

Think of the different ways you can be eclectic with just your kitchen island: a rough-hewn countertop combined with some sleek, modern bar stools and accented with a bold paint color. The possibilities are endless.

The key to being eclectic is simply to be true to your fun-loving, stylish self while still creating a kitchen space that is functional and inviting.


What Will Your Kitchen Look Like?

At Edesia, we love to help homeowners design their new kitchen into an amazing space that they love. We'll give you options that you didn't know you had, and we'll make helpful suggestions when it comes to style.

Ultimately, the decisions are up to you because your kitchen should represent your personality. Whether you love the all-natural feel of a rustic kitchen or you prefer the sleek lines of the modern style, we'll come up with a space that fits your needs.

Schedule your free consultation. A friendly kitchen remodeling expert is waiting to talk to you about your dream kitchen! We proudly serve Boston and the surrounding areas. 


kitchen planning guide

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